Various Benefits Of Crowdfunding For Indie Musicians

Posted on 13 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

Benefits-of-crowdfunding-b When crowdfunding is in the picture we all tend to only focus on the monetary benefit of running the campaign. But all the work that one puts into making a successful crowdfunding campaign ends up being a blessing in disguise, which is far greater than the money you raised from it. Crowdfunding is perhaps the only way independent musicians can simply go ahead and make that album they’ve been waiting to make, instead of waiting for the ‘right opportunity’ to come around. Wondering what we’re even talking about? Well, here we go again:

Helps you get your act together

The learning for an indie musician during a crowdfunding campaign is immense! Basic things like maintaining a check-list of the daily to treating your gigs as business, crowdfunding goes a long way. It definitely is the hard way of learning business lessons, but it is the quickest route for emerging artists. Barkha Swaroop - Benefits of crowdfunding The process involves planning, marketing, budgeting, collecting a database, developing your art and maintaining relationships. The 30-45 days that your campaign runs, pushes you to do so much of work that you wouldn’t even have done in an entire year’s time, so much that you’ll even end up benefiting from a failed campaign.

Lets the right people know you exist

It’s called CROWD-funding after all, and spreading the word is a major part of the process. Even if you already are in touch with the right people, your reach will only stretch and you'll find a wider, bigger and a stronger community. And, isn’t that the musicians dream, having a stadium full of people cheering you on. Symphony Novel - Benefits of crowdfunding Spreading the sound of your music goes beyond the campaign, whether you reach your goal or not it offers an opportunity to let people at large identify your music. Symphony Novel 2- Benefits of crowdfunding Symphony Novel 3- Benefits of crowdfunding

Strengthening your bond with your fans

Nothing gives you a reality check about how big your fan-base is like a crowdfunding campaign does. Not only does it tell you exactly who your fans are, but it also provides you with an opportunity to deepen that relationship. Also, depending how strong your marketing skills are, this will help you win newer fans. Seal those bonds through thoughtful interactions and make sure your rewards are personalised enough so they’d want to fund you again. Parvaaz - Benefits of crowdfunding Crowdfunding is guaranteed to take your music to places, do give it a shot, as the co-founder and COO of Wishberry – Anshulika Dubey puts it, ‘It’s not all about the money, honey’.  

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