Understanding Pictorial Storytelling: Print Comics Vs Graphic Novels Vs Web Comics

Posted on 2 June, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Understanding Pictorial Storytelling: Print Comics Vs Graphic Novels Vs Web Comics

What is a Comic?

Comic books are serialized stories, relatively short. They tell the story over a long period of time, often spanning a long period of time and multiple issues. For Example: Chacha Chaudhary Chacha Chaudhary  

What is a Graphic Novel?

Graphic novels, are actually like the usual novels, except heavy on (yes, you guessed it) graphical content. Longer works that tell a story from beginning to end. Plots are often more complex and detailed. For Example: The Aghori   The Aghori

What is a Web Comic?

A self-published comic online updated either on a weekly basis or once in two week schedule. For Example: The Royal Existentials   The Royal Existentials

The Difference and Their USP’s

Format Comic books are periodicals, which would take months for a major scene of the story to complete. While graphic novels wrap up the entire story in a book, sometimes they extend to a series. A Graphic Novel would have a complete narrative with the history of the characters in one book, while Comic Books over months part by part go into the depths of the character. Web Comics, on the other hand, not being bound to anything tangible can experiment with their story-telling process. They could publish their work using an infinite canvas or publish them  in a panelled/strip format in a non-continuous way. Audience and perception Comic books have for long been perceived to be as childish and more mainstream in popularity. However, with passing time, comics are being normalized as something of interest to adults too. Audience are the collector sorts- they have issue upon issue stacked in their private collection. Graphic novels are considered to have more artistic flair. The content is percieved to be grittier, explicit and for more mature audiences. Web comics aren't necessarily limited to the comic nerds in terms of readership. Since the content is more relatable and freely available online, it's open to anyone and everyone. Mostly serves as a means of quick reading and on the go entertainment.  

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