4 Cool Tips For Comic Artists To Set Up A Great Workspace

Posted on 20 April, 2017 by Team Wishberry

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Every comic artist will agree that their work space is pretty much their temple! After all, this is where all the magic happens. Therefore, we dug around and found some pointers as to what makes an optimal working desk, to bring out your productive best! Here's what we found.

The spot on environment

Every comic artist has their own drawing space and each one has their own preferences, so when you begin you must experiment in different work atmospheres to find the one that’s the most productive for you. 
Tip: Work at a library, a coffee shop, a garden, etc. Note what made you concentrate or frown. Was it the silence, smell of freshly brewed coffee or the distant chatter of kids playing? Or just the vibe of the place? The motive is to learn what stirs your creative juices and recreate it in your personal space.

The twitching hour

Although the time of the day won’t affect the set-up of your mini studio, it's always great to learn which are your most productive hours, so you can make the most of it. After all, we all know that tricky battle with procrastination, don't we? While some like to spend like a few hours at a time at a project, and finish it later in the coming days; others might straight up take project and finish it within the day. Find a method that works best for you! 
Tip: If you spend straight hours working on a project in a day rather than taking breaks in between, be sure to have all the necessary facilities like a functional restroom, loaded pantry, coffee/tea machine, emergency bed, well ventilated space etc. that will be able to refresh you if you get tired or stressed out.

The right bright light

Adequate lighting is crucial when you are drawing. You can always depend on natural light, but having an additional light apart from the tube is really recommended. Also avoid working under dimly lit conditions to avoid long-term damage to your eyes and brain. 
Tip: Invest in a good pair of clip-on or table lamp, that throws light only on the page. It's really helpful!

The table fable 

It is commonly mistaken that all tables are suitable for drawing, while most flat surfaces are fine for drawing one in a while or short periods of time. But if you like to spend several hours drawing, flat surface tables could stress your posture and get you tired quickly, also it tends to make your illustrations bend. Drawing at an angle minds your posture, helps you be more productive and eliminates strain on your back. 
Tip: Investing in a drafting table is the best option, but cheaper adjustable tables work too. It is very important to set up a healthy desk that spikes overall productivity and keeps you healthy at work. But, what is more crucial is to have a place that’s set up for your drawing comfort. So in addition to being ergonomically efficient, make sure your desk is spacious enough to hold your drawing materials too! 

In addition to all this, try to keep your station as clear as possible. It's best to keep the things you use a lot within reach at all times, the things you use regularly within striking distance, and the things you use rarely out of the way. Now go make something awesome!

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