Things Indie Musicians Are Doing That Should Be Emulated By Other Artists

Posted on 20 June, 2017 by Team Wishberry

While the Indian indie music scene has a lot of work to do to get where it wants to be, it has been progressing significantly with the power of the internet in its hands. The outreach to fans has come a long way and more people are now aware of the ‘scene’, as well call it lovingly. So has the content and the way it is disseminated.

The following is a list of things that newer artists on the Indian indie horizon can look up to, and emulate in their own way to become better, bigger and have a better reach and communication with their growing fanbase.

Kickass music videos

After the incredible early 2000s in terms of music videos, the popular artists suddenly were found lost in ‘inspiration’ almost bordering on stealing not only music but also video concepts (mainly from the western media). Thus making it less relevant to the Indian art aficionados.  However, the universe always finds a way. Enter, the internet! With its mission to help make the world a smaller place, content got back to rule.

Musicians once again realised that music is about making a statement, and that statement can be made in an even better way through visuals.

Nanok’s Lay You Down (Ft Ray Dee) is one of the videos in the recent times that has made a bold statement by showing a passionate relationship between two women. The two women are portrayed by Monica Dogra and Anushka Manchanda; both flagbearers of the open minded, modern music scene that we have in our country. One can argue that the sexuality of the video got the views and made it popular, but one forgets that the statement it makes is much bigger than mere sexuality. It shows sex as an aspect of a same-sex relationship, and makes a bigger statement about the tenderness of any loving relation.


To collaborate with another artist is a great experience, especially for musicians. There is exploration of an amalgamation of two musical styles. There is exchange of ideas and what comes out of it is generally beautiful.

Collaborations also lead to a lot of learning, an exchange of fanbase, and a lot of other benefits. Like Naezy and Divine discovered when they collaborated for Divine’s Mere Gully Mein. It got them eyeballs and as fans, we got to see two of the most talented rappers in the country merge their styles into one kickass track about the ghettos of Bombay.

Many other collaborations, including Zoya and Vasuda Sharma, Nucleya and Divine, etc. have been raining upon us. This is something younger musicians should really do. To have another musician contribute to your music can be an eye opening, learning experience. And hell, it is a lot of fun too!


Singer-songwriter Tejas recently broke the internet when he achieved his crowdfunding target of Rs. 2 lakhs within 5 hours of launching the campaign for his album, Make It Happen. He has then gone on to achieve the stretch goal of Rs. 4 lakhs as well, with 10 more days of his campaign still to go. Stuff like that is what dreams are made of.

Crowdfunding is a great way to make up for the lack of funds without selling your soul. It is people contributing to ease your process of making your music, recording your album, and even making a music video. All of that only because they believe in you and your music. This is a great confidence boost to the musician.

Crowdfunding also opens up an entirely new set of people which hadn’t come across your music. Goan country singer, Kristian Bent, discovered that when he crowdfunded for his debut album Campfire Stories. A major chunk of his funding came from strangers and people who discovered his music at the time. The same happened with Chinmayi’s Music and Poetry Project and Minerva Conduct’s debut album.

Regular interesting content

Madboy/Mink showing their creative craziness in this picture shared on their social media.

The world has come together and much closer on social media. Musicians utilise the power of social media to communicate with their fans and to get more people interested in their music. Communication being the keyword. The entire thing lies in how you can keep people engaged and interested in what you are doing.

Nucleya did an insane video promotion for his album BassRani on his social media. People loved how crazy it was. Euphoria threw back time when Dr. Palash Sen jammed with Shubha Mudgal on Dhoom after about 18 years of its release.

Communicate, engage, and keep the content coming in - that’s the key to good social media. You can read more about engaging fans here. And here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there, make music, have fun, collaborate, make sick videos, crowdfund when you lack funds, but don’t stop.

Do leave your comments about all things younger musicians can do to become better musicians and better communicators.

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