6 Things Most Indie Musicians Do On Instagram

Posted on 9 November, 2015 by Team Wishberry

MH-5 Find a spot! Take a shot! Oh yes, that’s hot! Who doesn’t love pictures? Visuals simply work. A peek through numerous tiny squared windows into the life of super interesting people, delicious food, nature, etc. is what Instagram is all about. As the app provides a noiseless experience with rich imagery, it lures many more users as compared to any other social networking platform. Hence, using it to market yourself is something you ought to do as a musician. Here are few of the different things all indie musicians do on Insta as they invite their fans for a picturesque musical journey! Scroll on and get inspired.  

Gig Updates

You’re always hitting the road for various festivals, gigs, events, etc. A luminous shot of an onstage performance never gets old especially when your theme is oozing of vibrancy topped with vintage glamour or a demonic calling.
Madboy Mink
Demonic Resurrection
And, you could always try performing gravity defying stunts. They sure do work!
The Raghu Dixit Project

Behind-The-Scene Clicks

From mesmerizing vocals to intense drum solos – mini insta clips and behind-the-scenes shots of your recording sessions always manage to create that needed buzz for your music.
Spud In The Box
Headrush done. Vocals for #SpudLP1 are almost over. Aaaaaaaahhh! #LeadFeetPaperShoes A video posted by Spud In The Box (@spudintheboxmusic) on
Sky Harbor

Staying In Vogue

Haven’t you heard about dressing for the job you want? Well, you are a rock star a trend setter, but make sure you dress for what you and your band represents.
Monica Dogra
@sujaydas_ thank u for this photo from #Shillong #bacardinh7weekendershillong #bacardinh7weekender A photo posted by Monica Dogra / Aka Shaa'ir (@monicadogra) on

Yes. I do stick bindis all over my body. I remember watching my grandmother adorn her forehead every day with a bindi. She would do Aarti in the Mandir and bring the fire back to me... She'd smile and tell me to never stop singing. I remember seeing my first tribal women in Rajasthan... I remember feeling like they were the most beautiful women I'd ever seen. I believe in creating private rituals that help you connect with your inner being... The infinite knowledge within. I stick bindis all over my body because it reminds me that this body is my temple, that I am a part of a legacy of shakti... Moon warriors... Divine feminine... And as women, as humans, we are beyond beauty... We are beyond mortality. And that knowing feels good. 🙏🏾 🌙

A photo posted by Monica Dogra / Aka Shaa'ir (@monicadogra) on

Instrumental Love

As an artist being in love with music and instruments is a given, discovering new sounds and sharing it with people is obvious.
Dualist Inquiry
Anish Sood

New synth stand!

A photo posted by Anish Sood (@anishsood) on

Food Worship

Every one celebrates their love for food through their insta accounts. Especially when you’re a musician who not only feeds the soul but whips some juicy delights too!
The best food is cooked with love and this Sunday I cooked this next level Shakshuka for my girlfriend @deeabolique I say next level because it really was. :) I used some pork chops, tandoori chicken, feta, mushroom, peppers, zucchini and made it really wholesome. Now I'll do a video for this on my channel as always but here is recipe anyway and let me know how you like it :) I started with a small piece of left over pork chop from last night. It was a fully cooked chop but I took 1 part which had fat and meat and cut into tiny slivers which I fried in the pan, added a spring onion white, plus garlic and cooked further till they were close to brown. No oil needed as I rendered the fat from the pork. Then added the peppers and cooked some more, then the mushrooms and tomatoes, added in the paprika, cayenne pepper, regular pepper and salt. Cook cook cook. Then add some tomato puree and chicken stock. Cover and cook. Then taste the sauce. Add the shredded tandoori chicken and zuchinni. Now I like zuchinni with some bite so I added it this late otherwise add it earlier if you like it soft. Then after 2 minutes more I added the eggs, some feta and covered and cooked. In 2 minutes it was done. Garnished with spring onions. What a sexual dish it was, yellow running yolk. NOM NOM NOM. If you like what I do then you can always follow me on instagram @demonstealer and or you can subscribe to my youtube channel www.youtube.com/headbangerskitchen #food #foodporn #instafood #zomato #headbangerskitchen #foodgasm #shakshuka #shakshukha #eggs #foodie A photo posted by Demonstealer (@demonstealer) on

And, of course Instagram is incomplete without cats!

Vasuda Sharma

Love me? Love my Cat... It's just as simple as that ! #foreverlove #Ninja #cats #adorable <3

A photo posted by Vasuda (@vasudasharma) on

When Ninja was not letting me brush him,I scolded him in Shatrughan Sinha style . 😎#dubsmash #ninja A video posted by Vasuda (@vasudasharma) on
Raghu Dixit

The new kids on the block! Welcome into this big bad world cuties!

A photo posted by @raghudixit11 on

There are plenty different ways in which you could use this platform, a Dubsmash video with fellow artists, sneak-peeks of your music in progress, etc.
Karaoke night ! #sunnydeol #dubsmash @jimmy.felix @jimmy.felix A video posted by Vasuda (@vasudasharma) on
Stay true to what you want to say. And don’t forget to have some fun as you build a wider happier audience, who simply can’t get enough!

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