Thespo 18: A look at what’s in store at the coolest youth theatre festival

Posted on 29 November, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Thespo, the annual youth theatre festival, has given us amazing plays, some incredible talent, and undiluted celebration of theatre for the youth. With the festival’s 18th edition this year, Thespo has become an adult. Which basically means that what theatre lovers have is a bigger, better, even more interesting version of the festival, set to take place between the 12th and 18th December 2016, at Prithvi Theatre and Godrej Dance Theatre (NCPA), Mumbai, India. You can check out the festival's crowdfunding campaign and support the festival here.

Born in 1999, Thespo began as an initiative to showcase and celebrate the best youth theatre in India with an evening of 3 one-act plays. It has now grown to a year round movement with workshops & performances, that culminates into a week-long festival in Bombay.

This year’s edition has got eight international workshops, apart from the workshops conducted by Indian experts, which cover a wide expanse of theatre techniques and methods.

The eight international workshops to be held are as follows:

  • Puppetry Workshop - Trina Haldar, Mashi Theatre, UK

  • Clowning workshop - Trina Haldar, Mashi Theatre, UK

  • Workshop on Movement - Noah Beck

  • Music - Wilf Petherbridge, musician and performing artist

  • Writing for a solo performance - Daniel Bye, theatre maker and writer

  • The Suzuki method of performance - Josephine Joy

  • Creating stage pictures, a masterclass for directors - Sarah Punshon, theatre director and curator

  • Better understanding and performing Shakespeare - Paul Goodwin

Apart from the workshops, there are in all 20 full-length productions, short duration performances and live music performances.

The full length productions are chosen carefully from entries across the country. This year, Thespo received a whopping 143 entries from across the country, and some of them from the remotest of parts of India. The selected plays will be performed at Prithvi theatre, Juhu.

We took a look at the plays to be performed at the festival.


Tricycle Productions

13th December

Ismat is a quarrelsome 11-year-old girl, sent off to be with her mysterious aunt, Begum jaan, while her mother is away. In this strange world she enters, Ismat uncovers secrets that would rather have been left tucked away.


Theatron Entertainment

Director: Shivraj Waichal

14th December

Bhanvar Singh, a quirky night watchman, stands guard outside a factory for one last shift. But, as the shift gets extended unexpectedly, he gets torn between his duty and self preservation. His mental faculties start getting affected, blurring the lines between the real and imaginary; and we are given an insight into the fate of man and his dreams, after migrating to the big city.

Te Kay Asta?

G H Raisoni College

15th December

When sex-education is suddenly made compulsory in secondary schools in Maharashtra, a rural school faces a crisis. 'Te Kay Asta' is a humorous take on the sorry state of sex education in India.

The Show

16th December

Who are you when you are not watched? A person who seeks vulnerability or escapes into the arms of familiar pain; perhaps because you have grown comfortable, or because the memory of it lingers in the shadow of yourself? Who are you when even you don't watch yourself?



Director: Aakash Bhardwaj

17th December

A young and passionate writer decides to get his work published. As he is exposed to a much darker world he discovers that his writing has grown beyond him, leading to the intertwining of his actions with his thoughts. Syaahi is an amalgamation of three Vijay Tendulkar plays: Gidhade, Kutte and Sakharam Binder.

With such a spread on offer at Thespo 18, it is sure to be a fulfilling experience for young thespians and theatre aficionados. We will be there at the festival to enjoy it with all of you.

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