The Ultimate Indie Playlist for your New Year’s party

Posted on 30 December, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Bored of house parties where everyone troubles you with requests to play their favourite tracks? Annoyed of the same old boring Bollywood or commercial dance music?

We have the answer to a proper dose of enjoyment for you and a joyful discovery for your friends.

Pesh hai, the ultimate Indie playlist of 2016!

That might have sounded like an infomercial, but hey, the relief the actors in there fake is real for us. For, 2016 was a good year for Indian independent music with a bunch of kickass releases and music videos and all the gigs you may or may not have attended. From sitting around and enjoying company to bringing the house down, Indian indie music has got it all! So, we compiled a list of 17 of the best songs to bring in ’17.

So, here we go.

Bullet Points

by Spud in the Box

Mumbai based Spud in the Box released their debut album, Lead Feet Paper Shoes, and we loved it. Bullet Points is a powerful track that will throw in the much required jaan in your house party, and get people jumping and head banging.


by Underground Authority

Channel your inner gypsy and jump to this track from the Kolkata based rap-rock outfit’s latest EP Propaगेंडा. Underground Authority throw in all the groove and melody on this one and this one is sure to liven your party up!  


by Sapta

Chennai’s electronic duo, Sapta, has been killing it since 2011. But, this track will definitely get your inner connoisseur of Indian classical music to move since it uses elements from the form and fuses it with the duo’s electronic and percussion mastery beautifully!

Summer in my lungs

by The F16s

The F16s created a riot on stage at the NH7 Weekender this year and became a hot topic. But, that doesn’t take away the brilliance of their album Triggerpunkte, which released earlier this year. Summer in my Lungs will really make you feel nice and warm in your lungs, and that’s a great way to bring in the new year, isn’t it?

Blue and Pissed Off

by The Family Cheese

The Family Cheese is a fun band. The title of this track, from their debut album The Family Cheese, might say pissed off, but it is far from it. It is a glorious track that will heighten the state of high that you might have achieved at the time.

Scene Kya Hai? Ft. Divine

by Nucleya

When the party drops energy, the perfect question to ask is ‘Scene Kya Hai?’ And Nucleya gave us a song for that with a collaboration with Divine. Nucleya has been on fire in 2016, and it is only fitting that he features on any list of songs from this year. This track will get back the much required zest into your party with epic beats and quirky lyrics.

Love Intoxication

by Clown With A Frown

What party is complete without some disco? And Clown with a Frown bring that to the table with the title track off their latest album, Love Intoxication. It is a peppy song which will get you moving and grooving and intoxicated. A must have for any party, to be honest.

What If_?

by aswekeepsearching

This modern post-rock outfit released the video for What If_? earlier this month, and boy, were we impressed. The song is a much required for the times when everyone wants to rest and recap the year in their heads. This is the background score you need for those moments!

Handmade Waterfalls

by Goddess Gagged

2016 was largely a fuckall year. But, one of the best things to happen was the return of progressive post-hardcore band, Goddess Gagged. After a long hiatus, the band released a powerful single, Handmade Waterfalls. And you NEED to play it once to celebrate the band’s return.  


by When Chai Met Toast

Firefly is an instant feel good song. It has merriment, joy and a lot of pep. This track will figuratively have the room lit with fireflies. The Kerala based band has done well this year with the song, its video, and they always call for a celebration, and hell, we are more than up for delivering that.


by Spud in the Box

And you thought we’d be done with Spud in the Box. Nope. Headrush is our favourite track off their debut album, Lead Feet Paper Shoes. You will know why once you play it. It is the band’s Stairway to Heaven. It rises, amalgamates with a bunch of different things, and leads to a bouncy crescendo. A perfect song for the transition times at your party.

The Great Indian Freak Show

by The Ganesh Talkies

The Ganesh Talkies from Kolkata really, truly believe in disco and when they fuse it with elements from Bollywood, it becomes an affair you can’t resist. This song brings dance with revolution with comment on the circus like state of Indian TV, films, politics, et al. Think while you dance, yeah?

The Wolf Who Cried Boy

by Barty’s Path

Barty’s Path has been a revelation this year with its EP Where is Everybody? Well, everybody will be at your party when you play The Wolf Who Cried Boy. This is our favourite track off this EP, and it will charm your audience and take them on a high.


by Naezy

Naezy’s latest track says ‘Mera kaam hai logon ko sachchai pe nacahaneka, Aafat to machaya ab Tehelka leke aaneka’. And he does that. This one makes you dance, and the angst in the rap will lift your energies into a different zone. Tehelka is for everyone tired of raps about bling, women, and alcohol.

Butterfly Hunter

by Zoya

Zoya has got everything. Oomph, the smarts, the voice, the technique and immense knowledge about music. Her album Natural Disaster is one of the best things to have come out this year. Butterfly Hunter will lift your spirits, your soul, and this one is for the women, the stronger of the two genders. This one reaches out to the heart, and warms it enough to make you move.


by Hoirong

Hoirong is a bunch of insane people coming together to make mindblowing music. Their album, Mwah, has insane songs to its credit, but Precocial stands out. It is quirky, has that left of center vibe, punk guitars, and everything you would need to dance in rage to.


by The Hoodwink Circle

Frontman Aidan Aidan Lewis had played this ages ago at B69, the legendary, cult underground venue in Mumbai at a gig. He had mentioned this song is about his bike he has named Suzanna. You can sense the love, the rage of an Enfield buzzing around you, and the thrill of biking in this one. And hey, your biker friends will be happy. Plus, this track will keep everyone happy with its zest quotient.

So that was our list of songs for your party. We will definitely be blaring these out of our speakers. Do let us know what other songs you would have in your indie playlist this new year’s.

That’s all from us for 2016. Happy new year! Have a good 2017, and hell, we know our indie music will make us proud next year too.

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