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Posted on 25 February, 2017 by Team Wishberry


If you are a metal fan, the chances are next to nil of you missing out on The Minerva Conduct performing live in the Mumbai gig scene. The Minerva Conduct came together in 2015 as one of the few bands to start the movement of instrumental metal music in India. It is a collaboration of three phenomenally talented artists, who individually made an impact during their times with popular bands such as Gutslit, Demonic Resurrection and Albatross. The three - guitarist/composer Prateek Rajagopal, guitarist Nishith Hegde and bassist Ashwin Shriyan plan to launch their debut album this year, which will consist of nine progressive metal tracks.

The Three Coming Together

The band started off with songs drawn from Prateek’s solo material, which he has been writing since January 2013. “I was in [experimental metal band] Chronic Phobia back then, and that band was almost never active. So I decided to just chuck all that and start writing my own songs”, said Prateek in an interaction with Rolling Stone. Ashwin, who has been playing bass for various bands including Demonic Resurrection since grade 12, was the first to join Prateek after listening to a few of his recorded tracks. The duo then set-out to search for their second guitarist, locking-in on Nishith post their hunt.

Band Ideals and Influence

Even though the search is on and the trio is open to having a vocalist on board, they are happy to keep their music instrumental till then. Prateek adds, “We are one of the few bands to start the movement of instrumental metal music in this country. The Minerva Conduct is like a supergroup of sorts with members from other big bands based out of India!”. All three have held their passion for music since school. Another thing that the three have in common is the role of their brothers in introducing them to metal music at that early age. Since then, it has been a dream run for Prateek, Ashwin and Nishith in the Mumbai metal music space.   

Debut Album

For their debut album, The Minerva Conduct plans to collaborate with international artists. American artist Navene Koperweis, best known as the former drummer for Animosity and Animals as Leaders will fill-in the space behind the drums. Mix and master of the album has been outsourced to Lasse Lammert from LSD studios in Germany. Aria Fawn from She Paints with Blood will enhance the look of the album with her stunning artwork. “As an experimental act from Mumbai, we've developed a unique sound, inspired by artists like Periphery, Opeth, Devin Townsend Project, Animals As Leaders, and tonnes of other bands”, states Prateek.

Crowdfunding Campaign

In order to bear the cost of the album, The Minerva Conduct resorted to crowdfunding on Wishberry. Through their crowdfunding campaign, the band was successful in raising INR 2 Lakhs from 139 funders, 35% more than the INR 1.5 lakhs they had aimed for. The download link to the album was available for pre-order at INR 350. Additional rewards such as the band T-Shirt, exclusive interaction with the members, a private performance by the band, etc. were offered in addition to the album download link for funders funding higher amounts. With 85% of the funders contributing less than INR 2000, large number of funders contributing small amounts was the key to the success of this campaign.

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