The Letter: Underground Authority’s Propaगेंडा smells of revolution

Posted on 22 October, 2016 by Team Wishberry

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Hello Underground Authority,

Let me first begin by wishing Adil a belated happy birthday. I am sure he must’ve partied hard and been merry; maybe even played the guitar a bit. How I wish I could be a part of these crazy parties, only if you’d have me. I hope your Shillong Weekender show was kickass, I know it was great for the audience.

Also, you released this incredible EP called Propaगेंडा. I bought it, heard it, and I thought I should let you know how I liked it.

The album art is badass. It takes elements relevant to the theme, and fuses it well with everything you’ve wanted to say. Great job, EPR.

Let’s move to the music now, because the music moved me. This EP smells of a revolution, a rebel and love. What this makes me believe is that your next album is going to be an insane riot.

I don’t think I even need to talk about Gypsy, but I will. Everytime I listen to that song it is a revelation. It is a fun fucking track, and I love it. It’s got the quirk, a great rhyme, kickass freaking guitars, bass and drums; sounds to me like a perfect track! I mean, just the opening few notes make one realise of how much fun and straight up rock ‘n’ roll it is going to be.

I really liked the part just before the bridge where the song almost sounds hollow, yet not losing its quirk. That is just beautiful.

With Raasta Tera (Ft. Nikhita Gandhi) you guys have just shown how good you are with whatever topic you choose to make music about. Nikhita Gandhi sounds supreme; her husky voice and honey-like texture adds a different flavour to this Reggae track. This song really took me from Calcutta to Jamaica. The various layers of vocals and guitars in the bridge bring in a melodic disarray to again arrange it like a goddamned rainbow towards the outro.

Am I Free? Is the question everyone residing on this planet needs to ask themselves.

Do the lines on a map define who’s my enemy?

Am I free?

Am I free?

Do the voices of a few define my humanity?

Am I free?

Am I free?

Those are the question the world needs to ask itself today. And you have channeled it brilliantly! The lyrics are upfront, and you had told me how you have said things directly in this one. I got that with this song. The whole sound of this one supports the words beautifully. It is aggressively discontent with the doings of the modern world, and hell, we need to be exactly that to make things right. Also, that sick fucking solo! Adil, man, that is something. The double bass warfare that Sourish’s drums cast on everything wrong with humanity really really takes it out of the park on the outro.

The next on the EP comes Azaad. The intro of the song instantly had me know that this was going to be a pretty deep song. It progresses like that. This one gives me hope, motivates me. EPR’s words being the hope, Adil’s guitars bringing in the motivation, Bubbla and Sourish’s bass and drums forming the base for energy to build upon the hope and motivation. ‘Parchhaiyon ke saagar se mein ubhar aaun’ is the line that takes it home, and brings soul to the dinner table for a dinner date. The song is really azaad from forcefully pleasing musicianship and is, in fact, unabashedly honest. Azaad to me sounded like a modern day Imagine by John Lennon, just aggressive and in a way that people will truly take notice.

I love Renegade’s intro! It straight up is a tornado in the face, and fuck yeah, it sound good! This song goes into the metal zone, and damn, you guys kill it there. I mean, if rock n roll was home for you guys, metal is second home. Bubbla and Sourish are super tight on this one with a very unified bass sound yet retaining that separation that is required to pick them out of a song. This song makes me want to headbang, while channelling my inner hip-hopper. It is heavy on the attitude and the guitars, and that combination can never fail.

We need to celebrate this EP. Maybe at the Weekender, Pune? I will get my copy, you guys sign it for me, and then we can do what celebration asks of us in the midst of music, happiness and the sundry that the festival offers. Of course, I will be there in the crowd, jumping and dancing when you perform.

Till December awakes, you guys must take it to the roof, for Propaगेंडा is the EP we needed and humanity deserved.


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