The Letter: The F16s for Triggerpunkte

Posted on 19 August, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Hey machas!

Hope you are wet with adulation and praise for Triggerpunkte, for it deserves all of it.

I want you to read this letter under the influence while you celebrate music and spread joy with it.

I was awaiting Triggerpunkte for what feels like ages, ever since you announced it. And damn, it is incredible!

The album made me dance, made me sway, and even made me sit back and think. Sounds like a fucking awesome album to me.

The opening song, Moon Child, made me wish every album opened like that. This is a song for the lazy Sundays – it is peppy, yet laid back. It felt like a trip to space and back. And when the lyrics say ‘Take it easy…’ I realised that it actually means it, the vibe is such. If the intro readied me to spend the day surfing the internet, the outro made me get up, sway a bit, and eventually step out for some fun, chai-sutta conversations.

Summer in My Lungs remains pretty much in line with its title and has that country-side sunny, breezy feel to it. It literally brings summer in my ears, if not lungs. The song is peppy, bouncy, yet very subtle. This is a proper dance track for those house parties where we don’t want to go all out, but yet want to remain bouncy. The lyrics of this one, though, really won this one for us.

Palladian Park is probably the epitome of alternative indie that you achieve on this album. This is the least dance-y track, and as indie as it gets. But the song still maintains a tempo that made my body sway. It is almost as if this song achieves that perfect place where it feels as if the body is deciding the tempo of the song. It is nice; as nice as the nicest person I probably know (which is me, btw).

Cannibal Life II’s hip-hop like intro took my breath away. But, the song is so much more than that! While it keeps the groove on throughout, it does get into a nicer electronic space a little later, and brings in another beat just to fuck with the tempo of my grooving body. This transition occurs again and it is lovable. And da, the vocals are lovely on this song, especially in the second verse when they really reach what is probably the highest pitch on the album, and they really accentuate the song. How do you achieve such class, man?

The fourth song on Triggerpunkte, Caddilak, is a straight-up dance track retaining the alternative indie vibe through some brilliant guitar work. The song is pretty close the 1980-90s pop and we like ourselves some nostalgia, don’t we? But, what really takes it home is that it is a pretty modern nostalgia. The heavy end to the song made us realise that the song was rising throughout and getting heavier by the note.

Digital Dead begins with annoying, high-pitched beeps, of sorts. But, oh boy, when the distortion guitars and drums take over, the same beeps start feeling good. This up-tempo, groove-y track has everything to make me dance, but it also makes me stop in between wondering if the robots will take over the world soon. The eccentricity of the outro on this song is reminiscent of the eccentricities of Jimmy Page’s guitar on various Led Zeppelin songs.

The next song on the album, Luna Zep, almost tends to become hauntingly beautiful. It is nice and slow, but flows nicely. The entire song will takes us into a hand-waving, body-moving-from-one-side-to-another zone, while keeping any bonus joy in check. It is that friend which wants you to have fun, but not too much fun. It stops me right when I am about to go out of hand with joy.

Plastik like Skin has a very Arctic Monkeys vibe, and hey, I am never going to say no to that. It begins with what might come off as a disturbing tone, but picks up beautifully. The heavier chorus is something which really blew our mind. Oh, and did I tell you how awesome the bridge is? It is probably one of the best things on the entire album. It goes from an intense, heavy, and cacophony-ish sound to a sudden change of gears into a freer beat. Oh, I love it!

You Could Use Me As A Weapon, the final song on the album, is a decent dance track. The vocals are suppressed and low, and really go with the mildly submissive vibe of the song. The chorus of this song will be stuck in our head forever and I am only happy about it.

That is what Triggerpunkte is for me. I probably enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed making it!

Hopefully, I shall watch you guys perform these songs and also get a chance to meet you soon the next time you are in Mumbai.

Thank you for Triggerpunkte. We needed it to dance away our troubles.

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