The Letter: Mali’s EP, Rush, is the honey we need!

Posted on 23 February, 2017 by Team Wishberry

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Hello Mali aka Malavika Manoj,

You moved to Mumbai and have had your life changed for the better. Your rise in the last year has been nothing but phenomenal. You went from being an unknown musician to opening for bands like Spud in the Box to performing your own set at the NH7 Weekender 2016, which was incredible, btw. I was there.

A rise like that can only be capped with a great EP, which you did deliver in the form of Rush. It is an EP which you should be proud of. At the same time, you should know that expectations from you are at a high, and your next move (maybe an album) has to be even better.

I heard your EP and loved it. Let me take you through what I felt as we heard Rush.

Poor Girl’s Dream is a kickass opening to the EP. It has a little pop, little country style riff, which makes it a peppy song.  It has a nice, melodic ring to it which had me sing along to the chorus. I think I sang along to it at the Weekender, too. This one also reminded me of Lucky Ali’s beautiful music, and that is never a bad sign. With this song, I knew the EP was on the right track.

Changed Situations changed the situation completely. After that peppy beginning of Poor Girl’s Dream, this song got in the sombre, mellow energy to the ears with its pop and electronic influence. What took me by surprise is the energy of the track despite the emotions it conveys.

Rush, the title track of the EP, is a solid fucking track. It is badass, yet mildly sensual. It is in your face, yet it arrives there with cat-like soft steps. I like how it is placed in the middle. It deserves that spot. It lifts spirits after Changed Situations, and brings its immense energy on the table which lasts till the end of the EP.

Dreaming is dreamy, as the title makes one expect. The huskiness in your voice makes it even better. This is a nice, feel good song and hell, after the sensuality of Rush a little nice vibe of a relaxed tour of dreamland only makes sense.

I like how Sooner or Later has an easygoing tone with simple yet effective lyrics. It keeps the innocence in the song. Something that was required in this case. It describes a Devdas like state brilliantly. It also reflects the mild sadness one feels as the EP is about to end (Thank heavens for the replay button).

Rush is a brilliant beginning for what looks like a promising career as a singer-songwriter. As an indie musician, the struggles will surely reduce and better things will come your way. This EP has a honey-like sweetness that will remain in people’s hearts for a long time. Congratulations.

Thank you for the music. Awaiting a lot more.


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