The Best Marketing Trick For Crowdfunding? Go Offline

Posted on 2 August, 2015 by Team Wishberry

EC10 Epic crowdfunding success is basically the marriage of a really great idea and an even greater marketing strategy. This obviously calls for some innovation that goes beyond posting updates and tweets on social media. Here’s how you can make people sit up and take notice about your crowdfunding campaign.

Go offline!

Well, that’s how they did before the internet anyway. Of late, everyone is so hung up on social media that the power of offline activation is almost forgotten. We don’t live in our phones and our computers! We still value actual real-life connections. Luckily, we’re here to remind you that. Why it works? It’s a much better way of bringing your friends and their friends and their friends in one place, get them to talk to each other and to you. It helps you establish legitimacy and everyone can communicate all that they want, and it’s just a great way to get the good vibe rolling. Plus, come on,  is there anything better and more memorable than like-minded people coming together to do something great- in real life?! What kind of offline activations? The options are endless. But allow us to just straight up serve you the examples. Ziyankar the cocktail, by Parvaaz: When Parvaaz was running their crowdfunding campaign, they tied up with Bangalore-based gigging lounge CounterCulture and created a special cocktail, Ziyankar, named after one of their songs. 50% of the total proceeds made through this cocktail were then given to Parvaaz’s campaign. Through this effort, even those who didn’t know about the band but bought the cocktail just because they found it interesting now have a connection with the band and have invariably contributed towards it! Like seriously, is there nothing this band can do wrong? Goonga Pehelwan: Goonga Pehelwan was basically crowdfunding for post-production and shooting the second leg of the documentary. So they had quite a major chunk of footage already on their hands. They made some pretty smart use of it by hosting a very private screening for a select number of people. Then, they shot video bytes of these viewers’ reactions and posted it all online, generating just the right kind of buzz not only for the documentary but also for the crowdfunding effort. Simple, smart, effective. Classic.   Wanted Umbrella: Sometimes, raising the money is not so much priority as spreading the word, bringing people together and helping solve a bigger problem is. During Loveability’s crowdfunding campaign, creators Wanted Umbrella, launched an initiative called Social Spaces to create a safe environment for differently abled individuals. First hosted at Kunzum Café, Delhi, the event saw individuals from various walks of life gaining better perspective into each other’s lives and difficulties. Although the event was an intimate gathering of about 25 people, the  impact is taking the project places! Proves that sometimes just willing to bare your heart (and not through the computer or mobile phone) is all you need to spark the fire!

Consider offline crowdfunding as well.

It’s a smart way to kick off your project. Earlier in 2015, we selected six projects to crowdfund offline at The Goa Project. This also marked their launch. It not only helped create buzz online as well as offline, but also helped kickstart some pretty interesting conversations! It’s weird how the internet can often get limiting- especially if you’re working on a tight budget. However, with a little creativity and a spirit of adventure you can cast a wide net and get all the fish in the sea (well, not all, but you get the point).

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