Suburbicon trailer: George Clooney and the Coen brothers take you back to the days of Fargo

Posted on 28 July, 2017 by Team Wishberry

Paramount Pictures released the official trailer for Suburbicon, George Clooney’s directorial venture featuring Matt Damon and Julianne Moore. The film will premiere at the Venice Film Festival and by the looks of it; this is going to be one hell of a deadpan black comedy.

Ethan and Joel Coen aka the Coen brothers are known for their unique perspective on seemingly simple narratives. Fargo is a brilliant example of that. And Suburbicon is no less.

The setting is similar: Suburban America with its white-collar population leading seemingly boring lives till something happens. A home invasion goes wrong. A mother dies. And a father picks up a weapon to exact revenge. All of this is neatly (gore and blood and eating of sandwiches with a bloody hand) tied down with Coen Brothers’ staple tropes: white picket fences, grey detectives, Stepfordian women, and a man whose moral compass is in shock doing things that he would have never thought he would!

Suburbicon will release on October 27.

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