Spotting the Similarities between a Political Campaign and a Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted on 24 December, 2016 by Team Wishberry

“Aap mujhe apna vote do aur main aapko paani, bijli, makaan, … dunga”. One of the very infamous lines by politicians heard during elections. Well, these days elections aren’t the only event when you would come across such promises! Click on the ‘Browse Projects’ option on the top and take some time out to go through some of the crowdfunding campaigns. And voilà! Find them very similar to a political campaign, right? The promises, begging for support and offering something in return strikes a very similar chord, on a much smaller scale though, with how a typical political campaign is orchestrated. The only obvious difference being that these creative artists do end up delivering on their promises after getting your support :P

Here is a short list, which we have put together, spotting the similarities between a political campaign and a crowdfunding campaign.


  • are a very well designed and strategically planned sequence of events to get your attention. These include offline events (rallies in case of political), media activities, social media engagement, direct marketing (SMSs and emails), etc.

  • focus on one big problem and offer a solution for it. This one big problem connects the campaigner with majority of the target audience on an emotional as well as rational level. For instance, Narender Modi focussing black money and a filmmaker wanting to spread awareness about women empowerment.

  • reward the supporters (voters in case of political campaigns and funders in case of crowdfunding). The only difference between the two being the legitimacy of these rewards. Atleast till the time ‘paying for votes’ gets legalized in India!

  • come up one of the most creative ways to make promises and always end up getting people to believe in them. Wish that politicians would have been under the same pressure as creative artists to fulfill those promises!

  • have this great PR and social media guy/agency which makes them look great all the time. This can be extremely entertaining during a political campaign with all sorts of stories and speculations put in circulation. However, things are less dramatic in the case of a crowdfunding campaign wherein the focus solely lies on the work of the artist and fundraising.

  • can get super annoying at times with their constant text messaging and emails. Pity all those whose contact details must have somehow landed up in the database of  a political party or an artist running a crowdfunding campaign.

The similarities are quite ironic but the biggest difference lies in the intentions and the end purpose. Always remember that during elections, you are choosing between the bad and the worst as compared to crowdfunding campaigns wherein you are choosing between the good and the best.

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