Some Of The Best Pitch Videos For Comic Projects Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Posted on 30 July, 2016 by Team Wishberry


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Only an awesome pitch video compels people to learn more about a project. And, when it comes to a crowdfunding pitch video you’ve got to wow your prospective backers in order to be successful.


Let us first quickly tell you what a pitch video is. A pitch video is an introduction to yourself, your comic and an invitation for your fans to make your dream a reality!

To convince people to help you with their money, your pitch video not only needs to be awesome it needs to be shareable.

Need inspiration? We thought so. Watch below some of the most brilliant crowdfunding pitch videos for comic projects on Kickstarter.


Joan Cornella


Joan Cornella, the creator of the extremely disturbing yet hilarious web-comic Joan Cornella, took the crowdfunding path a couple of months back to create animated short videos of his work. The notorious cartoonist who communicates mostly in sarcasm had Spanish actor, Josep Segui dressed in a hideous wig posing as Joan for the video.


Things you should learn from the video:

- Confidently introduce yourself and show off your crazy personality
- Include glimpses of old artwork

- Thoroughly specify what you require funds for

- Explain the all-or-nothing format


Exploding Kittens


Exploding Kittens is an epic card game from the very talented Mathew Inman a.k.a. The Oatmeal! The pitch video wastes no time in setting the stage. It’s specific yet entertaining. (Kittens. Goats. Magical Enchiladas. Weaponized Back Hair. EXPLOSIONS! – This is a project that sells itself.)


Things you should learn from the video:

- Be precise

- Show your team
- Explain why your idea is awesome and how it works

- Innovate! Go for an animated video


Notes on a Case of Melancholia, Or: A Little Death


Nicholas Gurewitch’s pitch video has your attention the second you hit play. It has a man standing on what looks like a 20-foot tree, trying to raise funds for a picture book about fatherhood, death, and psychoanalysis. The video is a visual feast, while being to-the-point and hilarious.


Things you should learn from the video:

- Keep it nothing longer than 2 and a half-minute
- Show the work that goes into making a comic

- Break the monotony of pitching off your office, go outside!


Alison And Her Rainy Day Robot


Fred Chao introduces his project - a children's comic book, Alison and Her Rainy Day Robot - in just a minute. He begins the video with artwork of his Award winning graphic novel, establishing himself as a legit comic creator and goes on to convey a message that is straight from the heart.


Things you should learn from the video:

- Stay honest and convey your passion

- Less talking, more showing


In short, your pitch video needs to be a clever mix of an introduction, your previous works of art, progress on your current project, specifying the need for funds, explaining the all-or-nothing policy and all of this within 2-3 minutes.


A pitch video is your shot to convince people how awesome your dream is. So, go all out and make sure it’s a delight to watch!

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