So You Thought Your Comic Book Idea Wouldn’t Pay Your Bills? Think Again.

Posted on 24 July, 2016 by Team Wishberry

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If you’re not pursuing your dream of being a comic book creator because you think there’s no way to survive off of it, make no mistake - there is plenty of money in comics! With the Internet doing its rounds taking off the middlemen, your reach to an audience is massive.


Do not get us wrong, it is not easy, publishing is a lot of hard work and heavy on the pocket. Enter crowdfunding - crowdfunding has helped numerous creators realize their dreams. Last year, comic book projects raised almost Rs. 30 lakhs on Wishberry.  


Here’s a list of some of the most successfully crowdfunded comic books from around the world that will have you inspired to go do what you do best: 

The Order of the Stick Reprint Drive

Goal: $57,750

Raised: $1,254,120

Comic creator Rich Burlew has been self-publishing his comedy-fantasy-adventure webcomic on paper since 2005. He was finding it difficult to get new readers on board as the re-publishing the older books was extremely heavy on his budget.

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He took his art to crowdfunding and it surprisingly raised 20 times more than the original goal, bringing 14,952 backers on board and enabling him to work on this full-time.


Ctrl+Alt+Del 1.0: The Box Set

Goal: $150,000

Raised: $665,725

Tim Buckley has been designing comic strips following the daily antics of two gamers, for over 10 years. He decided to compile all his work in an anthology and print the lot. The book came together in 3 volumes - the first two volumes hold the story progression of Ethan and Lucas (the lead characters). And the third book is full of random foolery, with various special characters and pop-culture references.

The project was successfully funded within 16 hours of the launch, and raised an amount 4 times higher than the target goal.


A Redtail's Dream - hardcover print drive

Goal: $29,000

Raised: $151,684

Artist Minna Sundberg had been working on her comic, A Redtail’s Dream, since she was in her second year of University. Inspired by a Finnish mythology, the story is a ballad of a young boy and his shapeshifting talking dog. Minna decided to crowdfund to print 500 copies of her 608 page full colour, matt-coated hardcover book.

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The project was a huge success and reached a massive of 523%.



Goal: Rs. 4,00,000

Raised: Rs. 5,16,230

Designers Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul dreamt of a future where menstruation wouldn’t be seen as a taboo or a dreadful condition, but a transition into womanhood. In an attempt to spread menstrual awareness the duo worked on an online guide to healthy periods. Aditi decided to print this fun guide into a comic, while translating it into various regional and foreign languages to enable more people benefit out of it, via crowdfunding.

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After the book was successfully crowdfunded, the founders were offered a partnership with Whisper, spoke at a TedX event, and Aditi was listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of successful entrepreneurs in the design section, 2014.


Curious to know how you can raise funds for your comic? Just head to Wishberry and learn how you can crowdfund successfully!

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