Showcase: Pratibimb Natya Utsav 2016

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NCPA’s Pratibimb Natya Utsav is the annual festival of celebration of Marathi theatre. Pratibimb, for me, is like the Glastonbury Festival of Marathi theatre. The best of the year’s productions, both commercial and experimental, are brought together on one stage over 5 days.

This year, the festival will be held at NCPA from the 5th to the 9th August (that’s like right now, yes!). These are the plays that will be performed at Pratibimb, and boy, are they exciting!

Don’t Worry Be Happy

5th August

Writer: Mihir Rajda

Directed by Advait Dadarkar

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The play revolves around a modern-day, working couple – Akshay (Umesh Kamat) and Pranoti (Spruha Joshi) - and the things they go through when they discover that the wife is suffering from PCOD. Pranoti is required to be completely stress-free for the medication to work and conceive, but it isn’t possible considering the circumstances. The play then reveals a bundle of issues faced by many modern couples – infertility, extended family issues, marriage woes, and how the couple deals with it.  

Tarkachya Khunteevaroon Nisatlele Rahasya (The Mystery Stripped of Logic)

6th August

Writer: Jayant Pawar

Direction and Narration by Atul Pethe

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Baabi’s recent foray into writing mysteries has also deemed him feeling compelled to finish his uncle’s incomplete mystery novel. But, there are questions. Who committed the murder? Why? All these questions lead to Baabi thinking about it obsessively and looking at everyone suspiciously. The society appears scary, and that seems enigmatic to him.

Tichya Aaichi Goshta, Arthat Mazya Athavanincha Phad

6th August

Writer: Sushama Deshpande

Performed by Rajashree Sawant Wad

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Heera is a lavani dancer, and she earns a livelihood doing the same. She considers herself as an artiste practicing a dance form. When her daughter, who is now a journalist, asks for her story, Heera retorts reminding her about how she was embarrassed of her mother’s vocation. And, she doesn’t need her daughter to tell her story as she can do that herself. The play is based at a time when gender issues and caste barriers were at an all-time high, but it wouldn’t be too wrong to say that it is relevant even now.

Me, Pandurang Sangavikar

6th August

Directed by Mandar Deshpande

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Dr. Bhalchandra Nemade’s Kosla is a celebrated and revolutionary novel in Marathi literature. Written in 15 days in 1963 when he was 25 years old, the novel broke the traditional styles of writing and has impacted generations to come.

The play has taken portions from two of Bhalchandra Nemade’s novels, Kosla and Dekhani, and is a theatrical presentation of the same.


7th August

Based on Nobel Laureate Dario Fo’s An Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Adapted & Directed by Vipul Mahagaonkar

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The Maniac outsmarts the interrogating police and makes them believe that he is a judge who is there to study the case; while The Maniac is there to be interrogated. He gets the police to re-enact the crime scene to get a better understanding. He also involves Kalyani, who is a journalist covering the same case.

This is a multiple award winning play, and it is bound to win hearts.

Sindhu Sudhakar Rum Ani Itar

7th August

Writer: Ashutosh Potdar 

Directed by Alok Rajwade

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A historic play, Ekach Pyala, is to be made into a film. The costume designers, the tailor, and a cyclist join the pre-production of this film. The past then becomes the future. The characters of the present confuse themselves with the ones from history, and what follows is kickass drama with role-plays, change of costumes and mannequins. The play dives into the colours and the dark facets of our society, while breaking the space-time construct.

Kalat Nakalat  

8th August

Written & Directed by Anil Kakade

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Vishwas has taken the responsibility of his mentally challenged twin, Sonu, after the death of their parents. Vishwas’ life is completely encompassed with Sonu and he decided to rent out a room in the house. Rasika, a young girl, moves in. Rasika and Vishwas come close due to the support given by Rasika towards Sonu’s care. Both of them fall in love. But, Rasika’s world soon is destroyed.

Ha Shekhar Khosla Kon Aahe?

9th August

Originally written in Gujarati by Madhu Ray

Marathi Translation by Vijay Shirke & Mangesh Kulkarni

Directed by Vijay Kenkre

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A murder mystery wherein there are multiple perceptions to uncover the truth. This is where all plans go haywire and a comedy turns into a tragedy. And everyone in the house wants to commit suicide, but there is one obligation – kill before you die. But, above all, who is Shekhar Khosla?

Pratibimb Natya Utsav is the perfect place for theatre lovers to enjoy the best of new Marathi plays. Enriching and enticing as they are described on the website, they are sure to delight audiences, especially because at the end of the play you can have a quick Q&A with the cast and crew. Woohoo!

Theatre nerds unite for this one, for we are going to be there reviewing some of the plays.

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