How To Set Crowdfunding Rewards That Everybody Will Want?

Posted on 9 April, 2016 by Team Wishberry

How-to-set-crowdfunding-rewards-that-everybody-will-want Genius idea, kickass pitch video and next level marketing & PR plan aside, the one major essence of rewards-based crowdfunding is, well, the rewards. After all, we’re major suckers for cool freebies. Beyond major credits and eternal gratitude, here are a few ideas on how to make some rewards that actually make potential funders go, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

Personalize, Personalize!

Oh, did we mention PERSONALIZE?! Taking time out of your busy schedule to actually send a fan some personalized merchandise is just the most thoughtful thing to do. You’ll be surprised at how much of a positive effect something as simple as a handwritten note directly addressed to a funder has on the recipient. And it’s easy on the pocket too. It helps cement loyalty as well as turn existing funders into unofficial promoters of your campaign. Instead of saying, “Hey, you should really fund this project” what they will actually say is “Hey, I backed a really cool project and got awesome personalized goodies in return! You can get it too!” which is pretty cool and might attract funders who’d otherwise never loosen their wallets for something like this.

Go public

Social media shout outs are done to death. While they still work like a gem, getting a little more creative will only make things better. Instead of just sending out a tweet or a Facebook update, you could actually make a funny/interesting video dedicated specially to a specific funder. Whether you’re juggling knives or composing a new song in 30 seconds for them, when it’s unique and out there for all to see, it will drive the backer crazy! The guys behind twice-in-a-row successful campaign U-25 Startup Summit, actually got stand-up comic Kenny Sebastian to do 20 push ups for some backers! Imagine having bragging rights to something like that.

Call for collaborations

Beyond your personal circle and professional networks, the next set of funders is the one that puts their money where their heart is, i.e. your idea. Open your gates and let them get a peek into your world. Invite them to collaborate with you or just hang around while you do your thing. For instance, if you’re a musician invite a funder for a short jam; if you’re a filmmaker, let them spend a day on your shoot, if you’re a writer, collaborate over a cool short story together. One campaign- The Bliss of Solitude offered on-set theatre workshops for some funders. Basically, what we’re trying to say is- the more open & creative you get, the more endless your options become. Rewards are an amazing way to show potential funders that you’re much more than a somewhat-broke guy trying to make his ideas see the light of the day. Memorable rewards are also an excellent way to forge relationships that go beyond your crowdfunding campaign. So, come on now, don your creative hats and have some fun with your rewards list!

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