Why Should Musicians Sell Their Content Via The Internet

Posted on 3 August, 2015 by Team Wishberry

TOA3 With the ever changing and growing models of distributing creative work, digital distribution has been taken for granted even though it’s still a relatively new approach to distribution. Everything from movies, music, games, apps, etc. can be directly purchased online at a cheaper cost. As digital retailers spend way lesser than physical ones they are able to hold frequent sales and offer better deals. If you’re still considering going for making money through this model, here’s why you should take the plunge already.

Easy on the pocket

With no material production, lesser employees involved and no actual stores, the process has become way cheaper and accessible to all.

Effortless experience

As, there is no physical copy and only electronic information, instant downloads or streams make it highly user friendly.

Bringing the like-minded closer

The reach is bigger, and your fans and you have access to each other without even leaving your comfort space.

Proprietary rights

With digital distribution, the user cannot sell or trade the purchase. The ownership to sell or trade the music, film or work of art lies only in the hands of the artist and the digital distributor. Of course, it doesn’t defeat piracy, but it’s a step further. The internet is an unavoidable medium; you just can’t afford to not use it. Even if it puts your music too open for piracy, it gets your work noticed and helps build a bigger dedicated fan base. And giving people an option of buying it legally online will only further help you establish yourself as a serious artist.

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