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Posted on 29 December, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Popular YouTubers pitching-in with key tips


Back in July 2014 The Guardian reported that every minute 72 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube by documentary-makers, musicians, animators, each with thousands of subscribers to their channels. Even though we don’t have any updated numbers of recent times, it is absolutely fair to guess that these statistics must have only gone upwards in this digital age. Sharing your video content is no more restricted by official government processes and requirement of humongous finances. All that is required is a decent quality video camera and a YouTube channel!

The YouTubers

YouTube not only revolutionized video sharing, but also gave birth to an entirely new breed of professionals called Youtubers. With video sharing made simple, easy, convenient and free, creative artists and other professionals took to Youtube in order to attract eyeballs for their work.

Expectations of the YouTube Viewers

We caught up with four extremely talented and super successful YouTubers for some tips for the aspiring entrants. Three key elements were derived from our conversation with the experts, which could help you understand the expectations of the Indian viewers from your YouTube video. We caught up with four extremely talented and super successful YouTubers for some tips for the aspiring entrants.


Entertainment - “People on YouTube want to be entertained. Whether it’s music, gaming, trailers, covers, vlogs or science videos...if you take out the entertainment factor, the video doesn’t perform well” - Omkar Bhagat.

Catering to a need - “Viewers are in need of something and if you are able to solve that, your video will be a hit. That "something" can be music, help, ‘How To’ videos, education, comedy, etc.” - Dr. Vikram Yadav.

Focussed Content - “Focus on making great content that you believe in. The only way to figure out what is right or wrong for your channel is to just start doing it and give it your all” - Band Sanam.

Tips for Gaining Traction

Simply just coming out with a great video isn’t sufficient to attract eyeballs for your work. There is almost an equal amount of time and effort required to be put in for your video to gain traction. After all, what's the point of creating a groundbreaking video, if no one even sees it!


The 15 second rule - “First 15 seconds of the video should be appealing, so that audience can be on your video for a long time. These 15 seconds decide whether a viewer will be there or not” - Dr. Vikram Yadav.

Use Trial and Error Method - “I work a lot with instinct. I track my analytics all the time, see what's working, what's not, and use that for the next few videos” - Freishia Bomanbehram.

Interact with the YouTube Community - “Whatever your channel is about, there are similar channels out there. So interact with them. Whenever you watch a video on YouTube, write down your thoughts/first impression in the comments section” - Omkar Bhagat.

Organic or Paid Reach - What works better!

The experts unanimously echoed the organic route as a more solid approach to get your video viral.


Quality content can do the trick - “The truth is, if your content is good and if the viewers genuinely like it, they will share it or interact with it regularly by liking, commenting and viewing it often” - Band Sanam.

Promote after some success - “Maybe, once you’ve made it big, you can spend money on paid promotions to reach out to a wider audience. But not at the beginning!” - Omkar Bhagat.   

Source of Livelihood

Google adsense and brand sponsorships are the common source of income for YouTubers. On gaining popularity, YouTubers can explore other options such as merchandise, website, apps, products and performance gigs. Below are additional tips and personal experiences shared by our experts with regards to treating YouTubing as a profession.


Brand Collaborations - “Brands coming on board is of course the best thing. I am still waiting for that to happen. Unfortunately, I am not humour, Bollywood, fashion, cooking. Whack is a very unconventional channel and it will take time to convince brands to spend their money here” - Freishia Bomanbehram.

Don’t quit your job - “You should not quit your job as money on YouTube is not very easy. It's as tough as in normal offline life. Yes, you can earn handsome money if you work honestly with hard work. That’s your luck! I have earned as less as Rs 8/day to as max to Rs 20,000/day” - Dr. Vikram Yadav.

Do adequate research- “Anyone who is serious about treating their YouTube channel as a full-time profession should do the research before they jump into this boat. I’d say people should read up everything about it, like they would if they were about to start a business or invest their money into something” - Omkar Bhagat.

Whether you plan to do it full time or along with your conventional day job, a career as a YouTuber not only makes you look cool, but holds sufficient potential to fund a part of your whims and fantasies. Youtubing has grown enough in India that it certainly cannot be ignored as a full-fledged booming industry.

You are now equipped with the most effective tips from the best in the industry. So, what’s stopping you from hitting the virtual world and coming out of the closet with your beautiful creations?

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