5 Kinds of Funders You’ll Come Across While Running Your Crowdfunding Campaign!

Posted on 27 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry


Who are backers or funders?

Backers are the people who monetarily support a project raising funds on a crowdfunding platform. Backers are the other half of the crowdfunding equation. Trust us, they are incredible people. Backers are the ones who consistently restore our faith in humanity and have made hopeless optimists out of us. In your journey of crowdfunding, you’ll come across a whole variety of them, each one with their marked traits and benefits. Through our experience and observation, we can tell the 5 kinds of backers you’re most likely to come across!

The ones who’ll do exactly as told

They are usually your family and close friends. They’ve seen you slog your butt off to pull this off, first-hand. So, they’re ready with their wallets. All you need to do is launch your crowdfunding campaign and these people will put the money in! They are the ones who’ll give you the first all-important 20%  of funding in the first week of your crowdfunding timeline. What should you do? Keep them close and give them an extra hug! Make them your loudspeakers and get them to spread the word.

The ones who forget

Usually comprising of relatives and friends; they mean well, but a thousand other things in their busy schedules  seem to get in the way. Don’t hold it against them. They’re not as close to this as you are, neither have they seen your struggle as closely as the above guys. So, it’s all too easy for them to make a commitment, but not really come through with it when you need them to. What should you do? They will give you the money! All you need to do is strong arm them a little. You will have to follow up endlessly and drop like a hundred reminders. Do not give up on a sure source of backing just because it takes a little extra effort.

The promise-makers

Distant cousins of the forgetful ones, you’ll usually encounter them among social circles, professional networks, alumni and the like. They seem genuinely excited about this whole thing. In the heat of the moment, they’ll offer you any kind of support you need and promise to fund the moment they get home! And that’s it. That’s where it all ends. But, here’s the good thing about the promise-makers- they are actually pumped about your idea, and will go about telling everyone about it. But, it’s also their money you need. What should you do? First thing- get their contact details! Don’t hesitate to hold them up to their promise. If they still don’t back you, ask them why. It could be extremely insightful and offer great perspective into how backers think. Then, see if you can convince them to back you for an amount that’s not too much and yet is substantial. In crowdfunding, no amount is small enough.

The promoters

They love what you’re doing. They are your target audience too. The only cloud on the horizon? They won’t support you monetarily. For whatever reasons- maybe they don’t have the money right now, maybe they have other reservations. It’s okay. They are making up for it with another equally important task- word of mouth. They will spread the word about you on social media. Tell everyone willing to listen about it, even engage with you and give you suggestions as to how you should market an idea! What should you do? Accept them and let them be. They’ve shown the faith and will spread the love. That’s just as important. Ask them to keep doing their thing!

The advocates

Or, as we’d like to call them- ‘the perfect backers’. These could be people you know or complete strangers. But who they are is hardly the point. It’s what they do that’s truly golden. First, they’ll put their money into your idea. Then they’ll go one step further and tell everyone and their neighbor to support you. Oh, the heart on these people. What should you do? We’d tell you to lock them up and never let them out of your sight, but we all know that’s terrible advice. Instead, go the extra mile to make these people happy! Stay in touch with them throughout the journey. Make sure they’re rewarded well. If you’ve ran a crowdfunding campaign before, which ones have you come across most? And as a backer, where do you think you fit in? Tell us!

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