What Are The Risks Involved In Selling Your Film Online?

Posted on 4 August, 2015 by Team Wishberry

TOA2 Over the years creative projects have been distributed through various methods, but not without its own set of risks and controversies. Fifteen years ago, we all would admit life was tough and distribution for artists was one expensive affair, and most would give up before they’d start! But with the digital space catering to the ‘right here, right now’ generation there's no excuse whatsoever.  While it makes pursuing the life of a creative much more simpler, it has loads of risks involved. Let’s understand the risks involved in distributing your work digitally and how you can get through all of this much wiser.

The money

Digital distribution will bring the money home, but not a lot of it. Experts complain about how unprofitable the medium is, but simultaneously have predicted and promised growth in the future. Audiences, in general, are not ready to pay for content online, and treat everything on the net as a free service, especially when it comes to films, music and the like.

Getting noticed

The virtual world being free, is way more competitive than the real one. It's overwhelming how difficult it is to get Facebook posts reach the people in your own list. A strong marketing strategy is a must when you have plans to sell your work online. Here you need not spend money, but you need to spend a lot of time and work out a thoughtful communication plan. The audience is waiting, they just need to find you.

The buzz-killers/destroyers of the magic

Filmmakers and writers, note this one. When you put your work out there, there's a chance of some lackadaisical reviewer who hasn’t mastered the art of reviewing, ending up writing down the entire plot of your film (in case you’re a filmmaker). Also, digital distribution is certainly miles away from eliminating piracy. Digital businesses face the continual risk of a security breach potentially exposing all data and revenue streams.

No Physical Help

Rarely do online-only retailers have any physical stores, and hence there are no customer support centers either. This in turn makes it extremely difficult for users who face problems while using the site. Another the major downside of digital distribution is the possibility of unannounced discontinuity of a non-trusted service.

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