A Definitive List Of Our Favourite Crowdfunding Rewards

Posted on 27 June, 2015 by Team Wishberry

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Cool rewards make the entire process of crowdfunding so much more fun and exciting. Over the span of the more than 250 projects that have been launched on Wishberry, we’ve had the good fortune to see rewards that have ranged from quirky to amusing to downright wow-worthy. Here’s a quick roundup of the kinds of rewards that stay with us the most!


Who doesn’t want to be a part of something absolutely crazy? More importantly, who doesn’t want bragging rights to being the cause of a favorite artist’s absolutely mad antics? It works. Always. And it shows some excellent use of social media. Here are a few examples:
  • U-25: The team behind U-25 Startup Summit got standup comic Kenny Sebastian to do 20 pushups for any backer who funded Rs. 5000 into the project. A video of this would then be posted on all of U-25’s social media channels.
  • Pravega: Catering right to daredevils and adrenaline junkies, Team Pravega promised to get their driver to perform crazy stunts for backers who pledged Rs. 5000 for their campaign. Again, a video of this would be put up on all of Pravega’s social media channels.

Quirky & Memorable

A reward has done its job well when it makes the backer want to flaunt it. And the best way to achieve this is by adding a good dose of quirkiness to everyday objects. Take notes from:
  • Loveability: Loveability promised adorably quirky yet meaningful rewards like notebooks and coffee mugs with ‘Love’ inscribed on them in Braille, and Braille-written His & Her cushion covers! If that wasn’t enough, they even offer to play cupid for backers by doing cute things like song dedications and planning surprise dates!
  • Pothole Watch Mobile App: Their social media was not the only thing worth checking out. Pothole Watch Mobile App (now known as Spothole) had some spunky rewards to boot too- our favorite one being the ‘Till Potholes Do Us Apart’ wristbands for backers and one more person of their choice.
  • Print a Joy: Print a Joy is an app that simplifies printing all those gorgeously filtered Instagram photos everyone oh-so-loves. One of their rewards took the Instagram love to the next level by sending backers an exclusive Instagram canvas!


A little bit of talent appreciation and collaboration goes a long way in making a backer for life. The following rewards proved this just right.
  • Parvaaz: Bangalore-based band Parvaaz did a lot of things right with their campaign, one of which worth noting was that they offered backers pledging Rs. 20,000 a chance to spend the whole day jamming with the band along with a lot of other things.
  • Studios Sound Garage: In a similar vein, Studios Sound Garage’s campaign for season 2 offered closeted musicians a chance to live their dream. Backers who pledged Rs. 10,000 were rewarded with a chance to collaborate and jam with the team on one of the episodes or be a part of the behind the scenes.

Ridiculously exclusive

Exclusivity is like a freshly baked pizza sitting on a dining table waiting to be eaten- you cannot escape its allure. And why should anyone escape anyway? How many people can boast of “only one of its kind” merchandise or opportunities that no one will ever be able to buy? That’s right.
  • Punyakoti: What makes Punyakoti more special than it is anyway is the fact that the entire soundtrack is composed by none other than the Master - Ilaiyaraaja. Taking this one step further; backers who pledge Rs. 25,000 and above actually get the movie’s soundtrack scoresheet, handwritten by Ilaiyaraaja himself!
  • The Bliss of Solitude: The immersive play took everything one step higher by offering backers who pledged Rs. 50,000 a unique and secret VIP experience during the show.
  • Bombay Acoustic People: What could possibly be better than having your favourite artist give you your very own private concert in your home! The backers who pledged Rs. 15,000 for The Bombay Acoustic People’s campaign were that lucky lot.
  • King’s Kin: Imagine being immortalized as a board-game character! King’s Kin’s campaign promised this and a special box printed with a backer’s name for those who pledged Rs, 30,000! That’s just another reason to always back a board game, or any game!
A great list of rewards, after all, is one that makes people want to back the campaign just to get something cool that no one else will have!

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