Pretty Child - Not Your Regular Music Crowdfunding Campaign!

Posted on 26 October, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Joey’s animation to Arfaaz’s song adds a new flavour to the music Crowdfunding scene

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Arfaaz Kagalwala aka Fuzzy Logic was on the lookout for an animator to work on a music video for his new EP, when he was incidentally introduced to Joey Foster Ellis over a casual email by Rana Ghose, Director of REProduce. The duo continued to stay in touch over emails and Skype, during the course of which, Arfaaz shared all three songs of his EP - Foe on the Floor (released in July ’16) with Joey. Joey, a 32 year old animator, sculptor and object conservator from Auburn, New York immediately hit a connect with Pretty Child out of the three, on hearing it for the first time itself.  As he quotes to, “I just saw a lot of colours, materials and objects that I could use to visually interpret it. I really like the beginning of the track and the lyrics are beautiful.”

An artistic nomad, as he likes to call himself, Joey put together a medley of 9000 photographs captured in America, China, India and Nepal to create a stop motion video for Pretty Child. Apart from this humongous stack of photographs, he also plans to use playthings such as play-doh, kinetic sand and miniature figurines along with a bizarre collection of Youtube clips from Indian films. Arfaaz and Joey resorted to crowdfunding in July, raising INR 3.39 lakhs to cover the cost of the team, studio and other utilities which will go into creating this stop motion video. With the lowest contribution as INR 51, the video will incorporate images shared by the funders of their own childhood, somebody else’s or an image of their pet as a reward for supporting the campaign.

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Joey Foster Ellis

After graduating from Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2009, Joey has been on the move to different countries, getting an in-depth understanding of various cultures in the process. This year, he set up base in Nepal, wherein he is working on the stop motion video with a team of local Nepalese artists. Prior to Nepal, he was in China for 11 years, where he hand carved 100 life-size children from ice, inspired by the country’s pollution problems. These pieces were then put on display in a Beijing park. Joey received the prestigious TEDGlobal fellowship in 2010 and his work makes a part of Hillary Clinton and George Bush’s private collection.

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Arfaaz Kagalwala

The song ‘Pretty Child depicts Arfaaz’s view of the world and how he would like to raise a child. It is about bringing up your child against social conditioning. Through this collaboration with Arfaaz, Joey intends to create both India and Nepal’s first full feature stop motion music video by homegrown talent teaming up with a well-known international animator. “I’m trying to connect with local cultures, which is why I’ve built a team of local Nepali artists so that they get a platform to showcase their talent” mentioned Joey in an interaction with Sunday Mid-Day. His crowdfunding campaign along with Arfaaz for the music video also came in as a unique offering to the music crowdfunding scene.

“We have had some fantastic music campaigns in the past wherein talented musicians have crowdfunded for their albums, belonging to all sorts of genres. However, it was amazing to have, for the first time, an international artist bringing in this unique concept of stop motion music video to the Indian scene” added Dhruvi Narsaria who leads the campaigns team at Wishberry.   

The video will be premiered at TEDxDelhi on 27th November, where Joey will be giving a talk about the evolution of his work. The online release is scheduled for 1st December 2016.


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