4 Tips To Not Let Your Film Crowdfunding Campaign Take Over Your Life

Posted on 9 January, 2017 by Team Wishberry

If we got a penny for every time we said “Crowdfunding requires patience, dedication and time” we would have singlehandedly crowdfunded almost every project we’ve had by now. It’s especially difficult if you are trying to work your way through this thing called life as well. With all those hot knives you’re juggling, how do you manage running your campaign? After all, as extraordinary as you may be, you’re still only human- one who needs sleep and has no intention of burning out anytime soon. 
So, want to make sure your crowdfunding campaign doesn’t let your lover dump you and your pet move in to the neighbours? A simple four-point foresighted approach is all you need.

Start early

The one thing that sets a good crowdfunding campaign apart from the average ones is that it makes crowdfunding look like cakewalk. Which, of course, is not true. You can’t just wake up one day and decide to crowdfund your idea. Ideally, launching a crowdfunding campaign requires prep time of anywhere between 3 and 6 months. “That’s too much”, you’ll scoff. But hey, do you want to have a life or not?

Do your homework

Six months of personal prep time is not for nothing. A decent level of understanding on how crowdfunding works and why, will avoid scrambling over a million tasks at the eleventh hour. Go online and check some of the most successful campaigns in the same niche as yours. Pick at least ten such campaigns, analyze why they worked and incorporate the most relevant into your campaign strategy. Also look for great ideas that failed, see why they failed so you know what mistakes you should avoid like the plague.
After all, why wait to learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from those of others?

Divide and execute

Delegating tasks with your crew is actually better than you working on them all. Delegating also ensures that all important aspects of a campaign get equal attention. Because, you know if you’re doing it all by yourself you’re just going to forget a couple (or a dozen, if you’re that kind of a guy) of potentially crucial things. It’s ridiculous how much we underestimate and under-utilize the talents and skills of friends and acquaintances that are actually willing to help us. The key is to be able to ask shamelessly.

Set timelines

Realistic ones, at that. And stick to it. Make lists, not on the basis of longer timelines or milestones, but on an everyday level. Set aside about 5 hours every day for work strictly and exclusively related only to your crowdfunding campaign. 5 sincere efficient hours is way better than 10 unproductive hours at the end of which you only feel like packing your belongings, setting fire to your gadgets and running for the hills. One task at a time just does it. 

Sure, you’ll anyway lose sleep or a few meals no matter how well-prepared you are. But don’t all things worth having do that anyway? The difference is that now there will be method to your madness.

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