Our 6 most favourite indie music videos from around the world

Posted on 12 January, 2017 by Team Wishberry


Music videos have been big for decades now. But, they have always upped their game consistently. In the last few years, they have concentrated on superb imagery, crazy concepts, and some stunning execution; all coming together to make for some of the best music videos ever made. We bring to you, in this post, some of the most kickass indie music videos from abroad. If you are a musician, be ready with a pen and paper, for you are going to make a wish-list out of inspiration.

Late at Night – Tapewind


Tapewind’s Late at Night is a soothing, mellow song about life. The video really makes it even better and incredibly enjoyable. It might seem like a regular video, but the boxed face character/s give the video a really sweet vibe. It also subtly tells how all of us, at the core, are the same humans acting on the same emotions. 

Why we love it: 
-  It is simple, yet relatable. The concept plays on emotions and simplicity, which is its most effective weapon. 

-  The cinematography is brilliant.

-  Seriously though, it’s so heart-warming!

Postcards from 1952 – Explosions in the Sky


Oh, we love this video for its simplicity and its innocence. But, it is also a supremely well shot video; a work of art, if you may. The bubble in the beginning and the end signifies the beginning and the end of life. It goes on to provide a spectrum of emotions from childhood, giving rise to a sense of nostalgia. 

Why we love it:
-  The bubble metaphor hits you as an afterthought, which basically means the video doesn’t leave your mind for quite a while. 

-  It invokes quite a lovely nostalgia what with the kids and their enjoyment. 

-  It is such a treat to the eyes!

MSTRKRFT - Runaway


The man in this video seems incredibly high, and moves about and dances so. What makes this video mention-worthy is the way they have used regular light sources to create a stunning disco ambiance, almost pushing you into a trance-like state. 

Why we love it: 
- Innovative use of light! The video employs regular light sources like car headlights and supermarket tube lights to create a stunning effect 

- Check out those insane dance moves (which we probably will never be able to emulate) 

- To convey such a simple concept so stunningly requires skill, and it shows.

A Dark God Heart - Sleep Party People


This flowing track by Sleep Party People is something you will like. And the hauntingly beautiful vocals make watching the video an experience. The video is creepy, and there’s no denying that. But, it is so beautiful! It flows slowly and eventually reveals what hides in that bathtub and why the girl wears that mask (watch the video to know!). 

Why we love it: 
- The creepy, mysterious concept has been executed superbly 

- The performance by the little girl is phenomenal. Though, you cannot see her face, her eyes and her body language do the job of conveying what is needed.

Weights - Nat Baldwin


This track is quirky and easy going. It would be a shame if it didn’t get a fitting video. But luckily, that’s not the case. This is the most absurd video on the list. It revolves around the relationship of a horse with its owner, who has apparently died. A horse has a garage sale of all the stuff there was, and that makes him nostalgic. 

Why we love it:
- A horse. Having a garage sale. Acting like a human. What’s not to love? 

- The concept is absurd, yes, but it is a kickass one nonetheless. It is executed nicely, too, retaining the quirk while making it humorously emotional. 

- You’ll love and empathise with animals a little more. Especially, horses. 

- Full marks for imagination!  

Nightfall – In The Canopy


In The Canopy’s Nightfall is a lovely track in itself. But, for the video, a dance off between day and night was something you probably did not imagine. Well, they did, and made a kickass video out of it. 

Why we love it:
- The day and night dance in their own elements, and you are kept watching till they embrace at dawn. The concept and its execution make this a breathtaking experience. 

- The double exposition effect has been used really well, wherein the silhouettes of the band members divide the screen into day and night. 

This is our list of some of the most unique indie music videos. What would your list have?  

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