Here’s What Corporates Can Learn From Adobe’s Corporate Creative Responsibility

Posted on 9 June, 2016 by Team Wishberry

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Earlier this year, Adobe reached out to Wishberry to collaborate on helping one of the projects on Wishberry raise funds. This was an exciting proposal for us, for how often do we see a corporate of the stature of Adobe, take a step forward for the creative sector?

As if the collaboration wasn’t interesting enough, the project chosen, too, had a story with uniqueness to match.

Vicky Roy’s Story

Vicky Roy is a photographer who ran away from his home in West Bengal to Delhi at the age of eleven. He worked as a ragpicker on Delhi’s railway tracks, and then as a dishwasher at a roadside hotel where he was found by a Salaam Baalak Trust Volunteer, and fostered and educated till his high school. This is also where he found his passion for photography, thanks to a photography workshop held at the center.

In 2008, he was chosen as one of the three photographers from around the world to document the rebuilding of the World Trade Centre post the 9/11 attacks. This in turn propelled Vicky to international fame. In 2015, he decided to crowdfund for a photo-expedition and book on the rampant and mindless urbanization in the Himalayas, which Adobe decided to support and raise funds for at their annual Adobe Symposium.

Vicky Roy’s crowdfunding target was Rs. 8,00,000.

What happened at the Adobe Symposium?

Under the track “Can disruptive digital technology help us be more creative”, a live pitching activity was held for Vicky’s crowdfunding campaign. The activity was led by Anshulika Dubey (co-founder of Wishberry). 


Here’s how it went:

  • Once the crowdfunding project was pitched to those present at the Symposium, people in the audience were asked to tweet their support for the project, using the hashtags ‘#AdodeSymp’ and ‘#Wish’.

    • Between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m., for each tweet posted, Rs. 500 was contributed to Vicky Roy’s crowdfunding campaign.

    • Soon enough, the activity gained traction on Twitter, and before you know it, thousands of people on Twitter were tweeting their support for what they thought was an incredible idea. Among these were also some notable personalities.

      Such as venture capitalist, Vani Kola
    Google’s M.D., Rajan Anandan
    Electronic artist and entrepreneur, Nikhil Chinapa

    By the end of the day, through the support and participation of thousands of users, the crowdfunding project raised Rs. 5 lakhs.

    This is what Kulmeet Bawa, Managing Director South Asia, Adobe, had to say about facilitating a creative project –

    We at Adobe love to explore, tinker, and mix things up to make things work better. Our creative solutions empower everyone - from emerging artists to global brands. Adobe India partnered with Wishberry to rally hundreds within our team and our online community to pledge their support to empowering creativity. Vicky Roy's endeavour to photograph nature's relationship with man throughout the Himalayas is inspiring, and, Adobe is proud to participate in his success.

    As for Wishberry, we find it extremely exciting to watch global corporates of the repute of Adobe stand up for the creative community, and hope to see more organizations help innovate and enable such exciting projects, as a part of what we’d like to call Corporate Creative Responsibility.

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