Musicians! This Is Why You Fail At Social Media

Posted on 31 May, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Musicians!-This-Is-Why-You-Fail-At-Social-Media We’ve all sneakily un-followed friends, family and annoying acquaintances on Facebook, with a major reason being – constant bombardment of life-less status updates! Musicians, you’re really interesting and talented, people love checking on you every now and then, but it’s not cool when you blast commands like “Check me out playing the drums” constantly. Unfortunately, at an average most independent bands pretty much suck at using social media, and it’s ruining the online experience for everyone else.


Repetition is key to learning, not communicating! Everyone seems to be missing the social bit in social media. An artist needs to engage with fans rather than flooding their timeline with numerous links, about the same thing. To-do: Engage in conversations that reflect the personality of your band and make sure you stay humble while doing so. Instead of repeatedly posting links to the same videos and songs, share clips of the band working in a studio or ask for fan feedback or their opinions. Network with other bands invite them to your gigs, to collaborate while you both cross promote and benefit from the exposure. Build a community that interacts, engages and leaves feedback for you.

Witholding Support

Being shy is fine. Eveyone struggles with giving voice to those amazing ideas inside your head. But noone is going to support your music if you don’t learn to blow your own trumpet. Please stop your inner monologue of how everyone will judge you, and do what your heart tells you. To-do: As the very inspiring Meryl Streep once said, “It’s amazing what you can get if you quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand it.” Begin with family, friends, mentors, well-wishers, etc. all the people who actually mean well. Their support will this build some confidence. If you can’t say, show. Bare your heart out and show your fans what a day in your life looks like. Empathy works better than a magic pill. Understand that there are people out there who would support you if they knew about the work you put in.

Disappearing off the radar

The true power of social media lies in a community that will want to faithfully support you. The trick to build a loyal fan force is to stay consistent, focused towards creating good music, and talking directly to your audience. It doesn’t happen overnight but your community will become your sales force. To-do: Consistency allows you to have fans that promote your music by wearing t-shirts, playing your music at parties, and recommending you to their friends. Simultaneously, you should seek out gig opportunities, do blog reviews or interviews, and explore other opportunities to get yourself exposed to a wider audience.

Being ecstatic with the numbers

Buying followers might help you manipulate chart rankings, but that doesn’t replace the power of community. You need people who like, share and comment on your content; so you can reach bigger audiences. To-do: Get ecstatic about having fans signed up for your mailing list, the ones who’ve bought an album or a t-shirt, the number of people you meet at shows. Start by hanging out with your audience post the show. Focus on building 3 loyal fans per week. Use social media to chat with a few fans, understand what they like, what they don’t, and adapt.

Key Takeaways!

- Repeating yourself on every social network. Same Facebook post, tweet, Google+ update, and so on, is simply a bad idea. People who use Twitter are different than people who use Facebook and the people who use Google+ - Do not over saturate a person’s FB News Feed. They will hide you from their feed. But you could do the same on Twitter - Never act like a corporate sales machine - Use social media for pleasure before you use it as a marketing tool. That’s for you to learn what links, posts, images attracted you - Follow bands whom you idolise and also the ones who are in the same boat as you - Nurture your community by sharing relevant matter   Let us know of any tactic that worked for you to overcome failure at social media in the comments below.    

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