Great Ways For Musicians To Engage With Their Fan Community Online

Posted on 30 June, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Social media has become our oxygen now, and online presence our life. As disturbing as that might sound, it isn’t actually so when it comes to artists. Musicians, especially, can make the most of social media and engage their fans in a worthwhile experience amidst their binge of cat videos and ultimate fail compilations (I do that, yes). So, we probed the internet by tapping our fingers (pun unintended), and found out a few things which Indian artists have done to make their fans a happier lot.

Engage and Communicate

On the interwebs obsessed with cats and cucumbers, musicians can give their fans something to cherish and enjoy, and in the process have a better day knowing that their heroes care about them. Respond to comments and engage your fans in a conversation once in a while. Like how Kailash Kher responded to his fans while sharing some trivia as well.  


Let the fans peep into your life (It isn’t meddling if it is love)

Who doesn’t like surprises, anyway? Surprising fans with something incredibly cool is always welcomed with open arms. Just like how Euphoria drove every 90s kid crazy with happiness Palash jammed with Shubha Mudgal on Dhoom, the hit from their first album of the same name.  


Channel your inner Mad Hatter and innovate

The one failsafe trick to stand out in this digital clutter? Embrace your crazy side. Whether it’s via wacky videos, impromptu jam sessions or zany gifs, never take off your mad hat when it comes to engaging with your community. Take notes from Nucleya, and Madboy/Mink’s trippy colour palette here.


Collaborate for entertainment, entertainment and engagement!

Okay, that title did not work as it did in my head. But, hey, the point is, leverage your association with your fellow music bros to the fullest! Utilise the fluidity of music, and give your fans something kickass to look forward to. Plus, the crossover of fans between the collaborating artists is a huge plus. Eternally talented Maati Baani did that with Shankar Tucker, and boy is it wonderful!


Paisa Paisa

The ultimate aim of all beautiful things is to have your fans invest their hard earned money in your music. Emails work the best as it feels personalised to every individual, so make sure you direct fans to a place where they can sign up for your mailing list. Once that’s done, send them some lovely emails full of content that makes them feel like they’re a part of your inner circle. The best utilisers of social media those who manage to monetize.

  What’s great music without a vibrant community to support it? And what’s a community without some good fun and effective communication to keep it active? You have the platform, you have the talent, now go make awesome things happen!

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