5 Things Musicians Who Have Nailed Social Media Do Right

Posted on 7 December, 2015 by Team Wishberry

5-Things-Musicians-Who-Have-Nailed-Social We all know of how deep the effect social media is on an artist’s popularity. From reaching the right audience to appealing to newer fans, social media has given indie musicians the opportunity to ditch the hunt for a record label and directly reach the fans. However, in present day digital chaos, it takes a certain level of expertise to keep fans hooked to your page and what you’re saying. To make better sense of what we’re talking about, we dug deep and found what artists who are kicking ass on social media are doing right, so you can too.

They build relations with fans

The art of building a healthy and vibrant relationship with your fans is what will further make your community grow. Successful artists are aware that being disinterested on social media or while communicating with followers will lead to disinterested fans. They acknowledge their fans’ presence. They thrive on interactions - no matter how petty it may seem at the moment. This is what turns a normal fan into a super fan. While it may be difficult to respond to each and every comment or tweet, make it your goal to talk to at least 10 new people each week. Tip: Characterize your perfect audience in terms of their qualities - likes, dislikes etc. Make a list of all people who fit that description, and reach out to them. Kailash-Kher---Social-Media-Habits-of-Musicians (1)

They let their followers into their life

We keep saying this. It doesn’t hurt to give fans a little insight into your private life. Share what inspires you, how the process of your work flows, give out a little known secret and so on. One simple act of letting your audiences see you as just a common person excitedly working towards fulfilling your dreams can go a long way. Every now and then you could write a simple blog post about something interesting that happened while recording your song. Give your fans and followers a reason to care and connect with your work. Tip: Think about that one unique aspect about your music and highlight it on your social media pages. Euphoria - Social Media Habits of Musicians

They are always innovating to keep their supporters hooked

In a place where trends are constantly shifting and changing, the only way to stay relevant is to innovate with the time. And those who have understood this use it to their full potential via different methods to attract new audiences- eye-catching trippy visuals, pop colours, quirky content and more. Find what attracts your audience and incorporate it in your social media content. Don’t be afraid to do some trial and error before you actually nail what works best. Tip: Regularly check the engagement rate of your social media feeds, compare what worked and what didn’t, compile this information – analyze, and begin delivering variations of similar content. Continue this till the engagement drops, and then start over. Nucleya - Social Media Habits of Musicians MadBoyMink - Social Media Habits of Musicians

They are open to unique collaborations

When it comes to indie music, it’s a given that your audience is niche and small in numbers. Often, it becomes extremely challenging to find these people. One smart way to cast a wider net is by collaborating with someone who might add a very appealing edge to your art, it could be a fellow musician, a performer or an artist, someone whose fans you believe would recognize and support your skill. Tip: Do adequate research on who you want to collaborate with- do they have the right kind of fans? Will it give you long term benefits? Do your respective interests match?  Will the collaboration be unique enough?

They know how to monetize through marketing

Because how else will an independent artist monetize through the internet! All marketing efforts go to waste, if you can’t convince your fan to support you by putting their money where their mouths (or ears) are. One of the biggest benefits you’ll reap from a healthy social media following is the ability to effortlessly monetize your work. Make sure your mailing list and distribution pages like Bandcamp are well updated and visible. Tip: Make a big deal about your music being sold on digital distribution platforms. Promote it regularly, and make sure you drive fans to these pages. Demonic Resurrection - Social Media Habits of Musicians Ox7gen - Social Media Habits of Musicians Sure, the list of best practices is seemingly endless and different methods work differently for different musicians. But starting with incorporating these into your social media activities is a good place to start! Is there a good practice you know of and we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below.

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