Music edition! 5 ways to make social media work for your crowdfunding campaign

Posted on 12 May, 2017 by Team Wishberry


Everyone is online — from your friends and foes, to your grandmother in Ranchi! We are not fibbing!


And everyone wants a little piece of social media stardom (from becoming a meme to actually starting meaningful dialogue online). Therefore, when crowdfunding your new album/ single/ or music video, use social media to spread the word and make your campaign a success. Because, we hate to say it, but being a good artist alone doesn’t cut it in the field of crowdfunding.


Use the right platform and it will pay off


Well, the general rule of thumb is that as an artist, you need to make your presence felt across social media platforms. However, you also need to find balance when it comes to giving a certain platform more priority. For example, if you have an active community on Facebook or YouTube and if you regularly interact with them there, then make sure you leverage your presence even before the crowdfunding campaign is launched. Talk to your ‘crowd’! Give them feelers about the upcoming campaign. And once the campaign is launched, post daily updates, make special videos or posts to thank backers — keep your crew informed! Even if all your followers don’t actually back you, their engagement with you will help in spreading the word!


Hashtags are not all fun and games


Twitter is perhaps one of the best ways to spread word about your campaign. However, beware — simply sending out a tweet or two in a day will not cut it. Twitter is a medium that requires a lot more attention... you need to tweet out interesting messages along with the link of your campaign. Along with that, what will also help your campaign is a unique hashtag. Start using it even before the campaign is launched. Get your followers to warm up to the hashtag — be persistent — ask them to retweet your tweets and use the hashtag as well. This will not only help with gaining momentum but will also help to collect data (all tweets with the hashtag can be brought together to see if the exercise has worked or not). You can also use hashtags on Facebook to stand out.


See? Even we do it!


Engage your community on Facebook


Facebook is perhaps the one place where you are at least 'friends' with most of the people you know and work with (unless you live under a rock!). Therefore, this is what you need to target. Apart from cold emailing all your contacts, Facebook is where you need to reach out to all and sundry. Contact everyone on your list — there are two ways to do it:


  • For people really close to you, make sure you draft out personal messages.
  • For those who are friends of friends of acquaintances (you get the drift!), draft out a nicely worded message and send it out to them.

The most crucial thing here is to stay in touch — reply to every personal message you receive and if it seems like that this particular person will end up backing your project, make sure you treat them special!


Don’t ‘ghost’ on your backers


Don’t abruptly stop your social media interactions just because your campaign succeeded. Create recall value for your work as well as for your image as an artist. Share interesting details about the crowdfunded project with your crowd. Tell them ‘what’s up’ — perhaps share some part of an upcoming tune! This will play a key role in engaging your social media audience and who knows, they might help you successfully crowdfund your next campaign as well!


This too!

Although Jishnu hasn’t crowdfunded his EP, his short videos are a great way to keep his fans engaged!

You can read all about his new EP here!


Understand your stats


We know... you are already stressed about producing a kickass music video/ debut album. But, if you are in the crowdfunding space, you will need at least rudimentary knowledge about what makes ‘those’ numbers tick. Look at your Facebook Insights page and see how the posts are doing. Moreover, listen to your campaign manager, for their advice is crucial (you need to use their knowledge to your crowdfunding advantage!). Stats will show how the campaign needs to be handled on social media — details such as the kind of posts that are doing better and the ones that aren’t receiving a lot of traction will help you strategize better!


Social media is one of the biggest deciders when it comes to crowdfunding. It is where word will primarily spread about your campaign. Therefore, use it! Whether yours is a music video or a debut album, social media is where your fans will stand with you and help you get the funds you need to make your dreams happen!


Go for it!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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