Make Smartphone Filmmaking Simpler With These 6 Useful Apps

Posted on 27 January, 2017 by Team Wishberry

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Trying your hand at filmmaking isn’t that huge of a challenge as it was earlier, thanks to the smartphone. The gadget is so good at it, that it actually gave rise to a whole bunch of Film Festivals that specifically cater to films shot on a smartphone. Also, one of the most celebrated films of 2015 - Sean Baker’s Tangerine, is shot exclusively on an iPhone.

Want to go make your own film on your phone? Here are a few apps that might help:

Kodak Cinema Tools

Designed for filmmakers who are shooting an actual film, the Kodak Cinema Tools app provides access to a sunrise/sunset calculator, depth of field calculator and film run time calculator, along with various other useful features. The app is free and available on android and iOS. The developers have put together almost everything a filmmaker would need glossaries, aspect ratio references and all all in one place. 

Celtex Shots

Celtex Shots assists users to create storyboards and on-set blocking. The app allows you to drag and drop lights, subjects and props into a scene. It also allows sharing of storyboards with crew members in a variety of formats, so everyone on the team is updated about newer additions in a scene. The app currently is only available on iOS.

Focus Chart

Focus Chart is a simple tool for cinematographers available on Android and iOS. The app displays a focus chart with a siemens star; it helps you test the focus of your lens. Also, it prevents the phone from going to stand-by while you're adjusting the back focus of your camera or testing your lenses.

Shot Lister

Shot Lister is a truly professional shot list and scheduling app on android and iOS. It is the ultimate organizational tool for your team's production members. The app keeps track of your script, shots, storyboards, crew, and all the other critical aspects of filmmaking. It's designed by experienced filmmakers to deliver the only solution that can build, organize, schedule and share shot lists and shooting schedules digitally. 

Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer

Sun Seeker provides a flat compass 3D view showing you the solar path, in hour intervals, solstice paths, rise and set times - giving you a live view of where there sun’s arc will be at any given point. With the app available on android and iOS you’ll know exactly where the light is coming from, so can plan your shots out accordingly. Even if you’re months ahead of your shoot you can even input the date when you want to see an accurate projection of the sun’s movements.

pCam Film + Digital Pro

The app won multiple awards, including the Emmy, in 2010 for outstanding contributions to cinematography through the design and development. The pCam Film + Digital Pro offers 24 features: Depth of Field, Field of View and Angle of View calculator, Sensor Sizes, Focal Length Matching, Exposure, Shooting to Screen Time, HMI Flicker-Free, Color Correction, Diopter, Time Lapse, Underwater Distance, Beam Intensity, Light Coverage, Conversion Calculator, Insert Slate, Focus Chart and the list goes on. But, it’s available only on iOS and is not for free.

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