5 Ways To Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign Extra Spunky!

Posted on 4 August, 2015 by Team Wishberry

EC11 Why limit innovation and creativity to social media alone when there’s more you can do with your crowdfunding campaign as a whole? Granted that there are only so many things you can do with your campaign page, let’s look at our options.

Pitch video

The beauty of pitch videos is that you get to show your product here. But you don’t limit yourself to just making a sales pitch when you can make it one hell of a visual experience. And the more innovative your project, the more innovative your pitch video can be! Give it a great theme and feel, infuse really gripping storytelling, use some great music- don’t make it a pitch video, make it a crazy sneak-peek of the party (your project) that’s yet to come. Say you’re crowdfunding for a fantasy film for children- your entire pitch video can be made to reflect the look and feel of your film, even the part where you walk in and make your appeal! Make people realize that this is merely the tip of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

Offer instant but worthwhile rewards

While you will obviously give your backers some pretty fun rewards, it won’t be until your campaign has succeeded. This means that they will have to wait for quite some time to reap the benefits of their support. However, if you can offer instant perks that go beyond social media shout outs, you have an excellent bait to attract potential backers as well. You can consider little rewards like really fun and quirky video snippets, a gift voucher and so on. If it’s a music project, then you could share links to exclusive snippets of what you’re working on or do an impromptu jam for your backer! You can also tie up with a known name (maybe a local watering hole or coffee shop and give out some small quick goodies).

Storifying your content

Storifying your idea is one effective way of gaining your audience’s attention and keeping them hooked. It also helps add a sense of seamlessness to your overall project. Make full use of online tools to make infographics, comics, fun little videos and the like.
We’re lucky to be living in a time where most online tools to do creative stuff are free and easily accessible.
You could either make a landing page or add separate tab on your existing website where you can share excellent content related to your project that people can see in one place.

Gamifying the experience

Twitter is an excellent place to gamify user experience! You can host a virtual bid or do a nifty little treasure hunt or adventure run on Twitter and tie it with your campaign page. If you have a great Instagram following then you can actually do a simple yet fun jigsaw puzzle to unlock various levels of your crowdfunding progress or updates. You can revamp your website or create a microsite to do a customized activity that makes people do quirky things before they get to whatever information they need from your site. You can even merge the whole online gamification thing to an offline activity or event.

Speaking of which, tie offline and online activations together

You will obviously be doing an offline networking event of some sort. Why not tie it in with your online presence? And we’re not talking only about live tweeting about the event. Get a few influencers or your friends with a great amount of following and engagement on social media on board and get them to post some interesting content on their pages. If you’re making a film, then an activity that’s along the lines of your film’s theme can work wonders! Like we mentioned in the previous point, you can actually split your event into levels and get your guests to unlock each event through social media. You can look at Oreo’s 100 year celebrations activity- it’s still such a timeless example (although unrelated to crowdfunding- it’s a simple way to create the buzz). Another great example of translating offline activity into online buzz for crowdfunding is Pothole Watch Mobile App’s (now Spothole) social media! Although these are tried and tested in general, we’re yet to see more and more crowdfunding campaigns leverage their epic  ideas to the fullest; while remaining cost effective, of course. Got more ideas? Tell us!

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