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Posted on 18 February, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Strip-tease Image Credits: Ojoswi Sur, Head of Art at Strip Tease - The Magazine
  Those who have been on the hunt for quirky new comics and hidden gems from India and around the world know how real the struggle is to find such works. In true superhero style,  Strip Tease - The Magazine, an online comic and graphic novel magazine is putting an end to this dilemma for comic addicts. The magazine is known to showcase and share information on all kinds of comics – indie, web, print, and everything in between. To get more insight into how Striptease works and everything that makes it so permanent-bookmark-worthy, we spoke to Sreejita Biswas - the mastermind behind it all. Read on.  

Take us to the start of Striptease Mag! How did it all start?

Sreejita: For as long as I can remember, I have loved comics, I grew up reading them and never stopped. When I was writing a column about comics, I realised that there are people out there who love this world as much as I do and more importantly, I came across people who haven’t even had a shot at developing this love due to lack of exposure to the world of comics. It was in 2013, when I decided to do something about it. I knew a blog wouldn’t do, it needed to be bigger a platform that spoke of more than just my views. I wanted people to come up and share their thoughts on various comics. Also I wanted to encourage artists to showcase their work and doodles on a platform instead of just their social media profile. After toying with this idea for a couple of months with my now co-founder & in-charge of tech, Karn, the idea was fully baked and ready for launch. Things simply fell into place then on.  

What does the magazine offer in terms of topics?

Sreejita: The magazine covers anything and everything about comics. Our lists include reviews, interviews, news on what’s happening in this space and, of course, original webcomics. It is an online hub for sourcing information on everything one would need to know about the same.  

What, according to you, makes Striptease better than anything similar that’s out there?

Sreejita: I hate blowing my own trumpet, but let me put it this way, we are not a bunch of fanboys/girls that are smitten by cool gimmicky merchandises. We take the content and art extremely seriously. From compilations of the craziest comics we came across on a certain topic, to insights from the most iconic people in the scene, we help upcoming artists understand the intricacies of making a comic, and also create original webcomics. And we love and promote what are fans send us. All in all, the sheer amount of original content that one discovers on our site is what makes us awesome.
 StripTeaseMag - GWSP Image Credits: Anonymous Comic by LelComix

Any idea of the magazine’s impact on fans?

Sreejita: One of our fans, Shombuddha Majumdar loved our work so much that not only did he write about us in an article for TimeOut Bangalore, he even started writing with us. Debanuj Chakraborti loves our original webcomic The Girl Who Smokes Pot, Nimmi Uday is crazy about our Facebook updates and numerous people love our artwork. Some of our famous followers include cartoonist Sebastien MillonEd Luce - creator of The Wuvable Oaf and TPub a publishing house from the UK. While we are being loved so much, we also have to admit that fans are a little ticked off due to our erratic upload schedules, which is only to be blamed to our day jobs.  

If you had to pick, what would you consider your most notable work?

Sreejita: If I have to pick one, I’d say - Tau - the webcomic. It is a sci-fi webcomic about the adventures and misadventures of an alien liviing in our solar system with nothing but his spaceship AI for company.  The webcomic is also an experiment of sorts. Though it is written by me, it has new artists stepping in every 3 pages flowing in their own style. I thought this would be utterly chaotic, but turns out that our readers actually enjoy this. We've managed to complete just 9 pages in a year, keeping quality in-check.
StripTeaseMag - Tau Image Credits: Adarsh

What are your future plans for the magazine?

Sreejita: We are working on a graphic anthology about mental illness - most of us on the team have dealt with it personally.  We believe that this is something that needs to be addressed in a country where it is highly stigmatised. On the site, we have recently begun with a new section for webcomics – a page long work of fiction called the Sunday Comics. If you haven’t bookmarked this site already, what are you waiting for, alien invasion?! Check out their site HERE. And, follow this talented group of creators on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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