Lini’s World: Malini And Her Figurines Are A Bundle Of Joy

Posted on 9 August, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Driven to create personalised figurines and miniatures, Lini’s World is working on a world full of handcrafted clay sculptures. Malini Chakravarty, the hands behind Lini’s World and a former Teach For India Program Manager, is focused to enhance the act of exchanging gifts and preserving memories by making it more meaningful and one of its kind.

I have always been fascinated by cute little miniatures and after meeting Malini that feeling of wonderment only increased. I can’t wait to get her to work on a badass but cute little Khal Drogo for me. While that’s for later, this is what our conversation unfolded into:


How long have you been practicing the art of sculpting? 

Malini: I have been sculpting for around one year now. Only started professionally through Lini's World in May'16, though. Otherwise, I have been interested in art since I was a child and even had it as a subject for both my board exams in school.    

What made you professionally dive into the unchartered waves of a craft like this?

Malini: I have always had a fascination for figurines and collecting them from all over the world. There were several ones I wanted but could not afford so started making them on my own. I specialise in custom made figurines where I use my clients’ photos and conversations with them in order to make something they can keep forever. I also make a range of miniature figurines and sculptures for home/garden décor, jewellery (mostly abstract or character based, sometimes it’s made to order according to clients’ needs), fridge magnets, party favours, etc.




What all challenges do you face often while working on a project?

Malini: It takes me anywhere from several days to sometimes weeks to finish one figurine. One time the courier company lost one of my packages, that was a bit heartbreaking. But as I made the same figure the second time, I made sure it was better than the first attempt. Learning as I grow is a challenge I am ready to embrace.



Do you work alone or have a team that works with you? 

Malini: I work on taking the orders, discussing ideas, making the figurines and art alone. My husband, Aditya, helps keep track of the accounts/finances and delivery of the products. We make a good team.    

How do you plan to scale these miniatures? 

Malini: So far I don't see myself scaling up as I still have a lot to learn. I see myself only having to learn different styles and better my art to make my clients happier with each passing day.

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What has been the highlight of your journey so far?

Malini: Every time a client shares about how happy they are with their product or when they give me a shout out on social media, I get a silly grin on my face that is definitely what keeps me going. Also, when packages are delivered all over the world to people I have never met, it makes me happy to know my art is going places I might never reach!



What’s next on your plate?

Malini: In the short term, I have quite a few pending orders that need to be finished within the next few months. On the long term, I have bookmarked several artists whose works I am studying, and need to take out time to practice while I perfect my style.  


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