7 Digital Tools That Are Lifesavers For Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted on 2 August, 2015 by Team Wishberry

EC8 In an age where we have landed on Mars and seen Pluto, there’s barely a problem technology can’t solve, let alone smoothening out your crowdfunding campaign. When you launch your crowdfunding campaign, you’ll find yourself juggling too many things at the same time. It doesn’t have to be this way. Not if you let technology work its magic in your life. How? Well, you can simply automate the communication to an extent. Here are a few tools that help.


A crowdfunding campaign is incomplete without some social media Blitz Krieg. Now social media promotion, as well all know too well, is time-consuming. And let’s not even get to the distractions that lead to procrastination part. Enter, Buffer. Buffer is an amazing tool that lets you schedule all your tweets and Facebook posts in advance. So, if you’re posting announcements, daily promotions, awareness tweets and the like, Buffer is the thing you need. You can schedule content for as much as a week in advance! Additionally, Buffer even offers a very advanced analytics of each and every tweet you posted, helping you analyze the effectiveness of your content and plan better! The best part? Unlike most good things in life, this one is FREE!


Newer platforms will bring newer ways and styles of communication will come and go, but nothing will beat the beauty and effectiveness of the good old email. You’re going to be doing a lot of emailing to old networks, media houses, influencers etc. A nifty newsletter is a good way to get the attention you need. Mailchimp lets you choose a template from a wide range- each designed to specific purposes. If you don’t want to use a preset template, then you can simply go ahead and design your own. It lets you create contact lists and group similar contacts under one category. Therefore, you can send a good newsletter or an email to a large group of people with just a few clicks! And it also lets you know how many people have seen your email and how well it’s performing. Moreover, Mailchimp’s dashboard is so easy to understand and use, even a tech-novice can manage without much help!


This one’s for Twitter. Twitter is an important platform for crowdfunding, given how it encourages meaningful interactions and easier networking, which eventually either leads to backing or advocacy. Therefore it’s crucial that you have your eyes on each and every user talking about you on Twitter. Now this may get tedious and time-consuming, unless you have Mention. Mention monitors every user who is talking about you in real time and notifies you so you can directly interact with them. Moreover, you can connect it with most social accounts- including Buffer! If you want to know where your audience and potential backers are hanging out on Twitter and know what they are talking about, you’ll find mention to be very handy!


On a platform like Twitter, where things are moving at a faster pace platform and users have attention spans so short it could make a gold fish look like a Zen Master, if you want to be heard, remembered and leave a lasting effect, you need to create a ripple effect. And Thunderclap helps you do just that. Thunderclap calls itself a crowdspeaking platform. Users sign up and create a campaign; they then create a message that they want to be shared by everyone. Next, the user has to invite all his/her contacts to support this message through Thunderclap, and all of these “support” tweets will then be pushed out at once to an extremely large audience causing a shift in Twitter trends and gaining everyone’s attention. The catch? If you’re creating a Thunderclap campaign you need to gain a specific number of supporters in a specific number of days. Basically, it’s like crowdfunding, except you’re calling for tweets instead of money.


Ever heard of this thing called influencer marketing? It’s all the rage these days, especially in India. After all, in an age where everyone is trying to sell something, it’s hard to believe what’s worth the money. A word from an Influencer is all one needs to take that plunge. So, how do you find these people? There’s a tool for that. You can connect Klout with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Next you select your friends and click on ‘top Klout score’. The tool then screens all your contacts and scores them on a scale of 0 to 100. Those with a score above 60 can be considered as pretty influential, and these are the guys you may want to put extra focus on.


Long links are quite a put off and very cumbersome. Bit.ly solves this problem- it doesn’t matter how long the link is, this tool will shorten it to a snazzy short link. Plus, you can also customize the shortened link to have the text you want. Bit.ly also lets you track the reach and conversion- you can see how many link-clicks it has received, where the link was shared and so on, by simply adding a ‘+’ at the end of your shortened url.

Boomerang for Gmail

Thought you could schedule your tweets and Facebook posts only? Not anymore. With Boomerang, an extension for Gmail, you can easily schedule all your emails to anybody. Boomerang is Godsent if you have to communicate with potential backers in other countries (no matter staying up at odd hours just to send an email!). Also, if you’re free at a time when most people aren’t, you can write all the emails you want and schedule them to be sent at a more appropriate time. It just makes multi-tasking so easy and efficient! Pretty cool, right? Of course, we’re dreaming of a day when we can heat our food via our computer too, but until then, make the most of these tools! Happy campaigning!

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