Kristian Bent - The name behind the ‘Song with no Name’

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The soothing feeling of his voice entering your ears is pretty much the same as caressing the cheeks of a new born baby. This magical voice backed by three chords from his guitar and heart-melting lyrics can act as the finest de-stressing serum for some of the most fucked up days in your life. Yet, all that Kristian Bent gets on YouTube is 303 views for his ‘Song with no Name’! Not that he has any complains about it. Goa has been more than welcoming and appreciative of his countryside music. This appreciation and love has encouraged him to come out with his own album ‘Campfire Stories’.

A sneak-peak into the life of Kristian

Kristian was born in Mumbai as Krishna Gidwani and moved to Goa at the age of five. He did two years of boarding school in the Nilgiris, post which he moved to the countryside.

“All that I’ve learnt has come from around 8 years in the countryside just across the border from Goa to Maharashtra. We lived on a farm for some of those years, deep in the forests of the Western Ghats”, adds Kristian.

Later in his life, 10th and 12th at the National Open School in Goa were the final years of his institutional education. The name change occurred shortly after his father passed away, wherein he took upon his mother’s maiden name Bento. He explains “Kristian Bent is a different person and is simply a way to separate the stage from my personal life.”

Three chords and the Truth

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With no formal training in music, he credits his prowess in the field to those long lonely days in the countryside with the same album on repeat. Kristian started off by playing drums for a blues and rock & roll band, which he later gave up to learn a few chords on the guitar. Eventually he formed a folk and country band, wherein they sang old folk songs and country classics in four part harmony. “I grew up listening to Country music. I listened to everything else in my teenage years and early twenties, but when I decided to compose and create, I found that the best way to express myself was through Folk and Country”, says Kristian visioning a bright future for this genre in India.

‘Three chords and the truth’ is his way of simplifying the meaning of Folk and Country music for the common listener.

An overwhelming crowdfunding response

In late September this year, Kristian took the crowdfunding route to raise INR 1.5 lakhs for the composing, marketing and distribution of his debut album Campfire Stories. The response was phenomenal and he managed to raise INR 1.92 lakhs, far more than what he had asked for. “Well, when it comes to crowdfunding, I am still amazed by how smooth it went. I’ve had some kind people and generous friends, who have supported me for some years now. I think I’ve had all the good luck a man could possibly have. Not to mention, my campaign consultant was an absolute gem”, says Kristian, describing his crowdfunding journey. Majority of the money came in from his friends along with his fans who had heard him at the gigs. There was a significant proportion of contribution from unknown funders in India as well as abroad.

“I was particularly overwhelmed by how many people were actually listening. People I didn’t know, that I’ve never met. People who believed in the music sometimes more than I did. People who want to see something good and want to see someone else do well. In a time and age like the one we live in today, that is worth its weight in gold. I’ll never forget that” expresses an overwhelmed Kristian.

He plans to launch the album by 20th January 2017, however, predicts a delay due to the whole demonetization ordeal.


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