Kolkata Based Indie Musician Explains The Problems That The Community Faces

Posted on 17 May, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Diptendu Image Courtesy: www.facebook.com/dip.roy.14
Diptendu Roy, the frontman of Addiction - a Kolkata based Experimental Bangla band has been trying different methods to spread the magic of his band's music across Kolkata and beyond. From a blues beat blasted cover of Pehla Nasha to a re-harmonized Rabindra Sangeet track, the band has truly demonstrated its skills to reach out to fans who follow a diverse set of genres. When we were covering a heat map of all the independent bands in West Bengal, Diptendu got in touch with us to give us a deeper insight into a music scene that’s, although interesting and flourishing, not without its own set of tricky challenges. And so he writes… “It's extremely difficult to make a living with any job in today’s economy but what’s challenging is getting-by solely on music. India is celebrated for being rich in its cultural diversity. The country easily offers music by independent artists in almost over a hundred languages. I'm from Kolkata, West Bengal and my band is into experimental music. The Bangla band culture is like a tradition here, but still there are a set of problems all musicians face and I want to address it. The problem for regional bands is that the crowds who entertain independent music consider regional to be complete nuisance. The attempts of fusion are shunned off with claims of hypocrisy. A very small amount of people appreciate the effort put in, while the others maintain that it’s nothing but a waste of time. Every artist struggles immensely while pursuing their dream. It, more often than not, leaves one mentally disturbed, and most musicians give up and some go into a downward spiral of depression. For someone who plans to pursue music, let me tell you this - the path is filled with questions of self-doubt. When people ask me what is it that I do for a living, and I respond saying music, they always, ALWAYS ask me about my “real” job. And, this is a common scenario for all musicians. I have a job like everyone else, and that is to conceptualize and deliver good music!” Previously, we spoke to the well established indie music band – Maati Baani about issues faced by indie artists in India, Nirali Kartik, the lead singer explaining the problem said, “The independent music industry is not streamlined at all. The number of production houses that support indie music is miniscule.” Read the rest of her pointers here. The road for every indie artist across across sectors is full of thorns and bumps, but some major hustling is a part of the job description, if artists are to carve a niche for themselves in the creative sector. But all's not lost yet. With social media opening and establishing newer avenues for artists to not only be discovered but also build their community, artists have to adopt a twofold approach to making sure their music makes the right waves. The first part of it includes, maintaining a razor sharp focus on creating good music, in spite of the challenges. And the second part includes optimizing social media to build their own audience of people who actually give a damn about good quality regional music, instead of rueing over those that don’t. With YouTube, Bandcamp, OkListen, iTunes, and numerous other upcoming apps & platforms, the problems of musicians are fixing themselves, it’s now about how much musicians are willing to put themselves out there.

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