5 Qualities of Creative People Who Are Most Likely to Succeed at Crowdfunding

Posted on 29 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

EC 19 Although, crowdfunding is open to everyone who’s willing to invest their time and effort into it, there’s a reason why not everyone succeeds at it. But, the ones who get it right have a few shining qualities that makes them guaranteed for success.


The perfect campaigner will not shy away from asking for help from people. Another aspect of this is also how creative and convincing they can get when it comes to getting the support they need. They know the idea takes precedence over everything, because it’s just that great. So they won’t stop from shouting for support from the rooftops if they have to. They get into crowdfunding leaving all their inhibitions behind. Just look at Vasuda Sharma’s crowdfunding pitch video to see how it’s done.  


When something needs to get done within the budget and the given resources, it’s time to put the creative hat on and hustle it out. And the person gunning for crowdfunding success knows it. They’ll pool in the talent and resources from any hidden corner, make the best of what’s at hand, and basically have a get-shit-done attitude towards things. So what if they know zilch about marketing or the technical stuff, they will learn it on the go.


Someone who will settle for nothing less than a massive success in crowdfunding will never look at it as a for-thrills activity or as a joke. They know and understand that it’s going to take up time and effort, and will dedicatedly invest both into the project. They treat it as an important process (which it is, given how it’s going to get them the money!). This level of dedication also makes them so very proactive.

Good listening skills

They LISTEN. Oh, it’s such an underrated yet crucial quality to have. The perfect crowdfunding campaigner listens to his/her fans and supporters, the crowdfunding coach, the ones who’ve done this before. They’ll listen and understand the numbers, the pattern, what it takes to succeed. They learn from the mistakes of others, take advice and feedback, and incorporate it whenever and wherever necessary.

Strong network

We once said, crowdfunding is a person’s crash course to life. So, obviously, if an individual is winning at running a crowdfunding campaign, they’re winning at life too- or at least, the networking part of it. It doesn’t exactly matter if they are an extroverted social animal. When they realize that they’re not going to get too far without a strong base of supporters, they surround themselves with the right people. They have their networks in place. If not, they’ll go the extra mile to build and strengthen it. Even if it takes time. Obviously, crowdfunding is an amazing learning experience. So what, if you feel you’re not there yet? If you put your heart into crowdfunding for your dreams (like you’re supposed to) you’ll come through shining!  

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