6 Fun Ways To Stay In Touch With Everyone Who Supported Your Crowdfunding Project

Posted on 28 June, 2015 by Team Wishberry

Crowdfunding Backers
If you’re an independent artist there’s a high chance the only thing you appreciate more than absolute creative freedom is the fan-base you do it for. And, two of the greatest benefits of crowdfunding are that a. it helps you cement your existing fan-base and b. you get new fans delivered to you, thanks to your campaign. This is also why artists and creative individuals all around the world have taken the crazy route of crowdfunding. Getting all your fans- old and new- into your circle is only one half of the treasure trove. The other half rests in maintaining relationships with them and acknowledging that they exist. While we understand your need to go underground to do what you do best, it always helps to not forget the people who made your project possible. So, how do you stay in touch with backers after your campaign is over? Here are a few tips.


Newer and newer communication platforms will be thrown in our faces every week. But nothing will beat the beautiful and powerful tool that the good old email is. By the time your crowdfunding campaign is over, you will have a database of people who have funded/supported your campaign. So there it is, time to have some fun. Never ever hesitate to send your backers:
  • Updates about new developments in your crowdfunded project
  • New milestones!
  • Challenges you are facing
  • How the money is being used


Backers and fans want to know so much about you, you’ll be surprised. Right from what inspires you to some quirky details- those who love you want insights into a day in your life and feel closer to you. A simple ‘Ask me Anything’ either on Reddit or Ask.fm can go a long way in not only having fun with fans, but also deepening relationships.

Call for collaborations

Creative collaborations are the way forward in innovation.
The chances of your backers being a talented bunch are pretty high, and it’s a shame if you’re not able to get creative with them.

These collaborations can be in any form- from calling for album/film art to getting them on board with the making of video or a mash up to calling for joint-performances or just something equally fun and crazy. It may not be a work of great art, but it will be the most amazing and memorable thing you’ll do for someone who loves what you do. Plus, hey, it will keep everyone glued to your activities and encouragement engagement; what more could you possibly want?

Ask for feedback!

Of course, you don’t like anyone telling you what to do, but when you feel like you’re hitting a plateau or are running out of creative juice or just need to shake things up a bit- look no further than your backers for ideas. They have their eyes on you, and therefore, occasionally, have a valuable insight to offer. Every now and then, it won’t hurt to give the backers exactly what they want!

Give them exclusivity

Ah, the privilege of being a backer! Make your backers feel that they are not any ordinary fans- they have put their money and trust on you, and therefore deserve so much more. Exclusivity is a magical thing, and you should give it to your holy circle of backers in the form of sneak previews of new projects, a surprise update or something as epic as a brand new piece of work that no one else has seen yet.

Celebrate anniversaries

This may require some homework or you could just publicly call for this on social media. Get the birthdays and anniversaries or any date that means the world to your backers and send them a little personalized message. It could be anything- a Facebook or Twitter shout-out, an email, a picture or even a personalized little video!
Hell, if you’re up for it, send a special backer flowers too!

Quite obviously, you may find yourself wanting to draw the line before you reach communication-saturation. Set yourself a limit and find your balance. Find out a formula of engagement that works for you. If you get this right, remember; (write this down somewhere) YOU WILL BE the campaigner everyone wants to back.

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