Using Influencer Marketing For Your Crowdfunding Project

Posted on 2 August, 2015 by Team Wishberry

EC7 Ad strategies will come and go, but nothing will hold the authentic power and effectiveness that word of mouth brings. One trusted word from a person you look up to- an opinion leader of sorts, and that’s it. Whatever is trying to be sold is officially legit. It’s easy to trust influencers because- a. they are experts in their field, b. you know they won’t con you or oversell something because they have their own reputation and goodwill to protect, c. they have strong clout. Imagine leveraging all of this power for your crowdfunding campaign. One tweet from a user with enough Twitter presence and your project gets just the traction it needs. So, how do you get make the best of influencer marketing? To get started, here’s what you need:
  • A truly remarkable project
  • The right people to talk about it

How do you find these people?

There are many ways to do this. If you want to build your influencer database manually, a quick Google search will get you a list of people who are influential in the niche of your choice. Or, you can run an advanced search on Twitter. Or, you can simply go to a hugely followed Twitter page that’s relevant to your niche and check who that page is following. Obviously, all of this is rather time consuming. But thank God for technological advancement. There are tools that do this job better. Klout is one such tool. You can integrate it with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, simply select users and check their Klout score on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher the Klout score (60+ is good), the more influential the user. Other tools that help find Twitter influencers are FollowerWonk, PeerIndex, Twtrland and many more!

Got it? Now what?

Start preparing a list. It is honestly worth it to take some time to build this database. Do a lot of research- stalk their Facebook and Twitter pages; see what they talk about the most, who they talk to and so on.

What are the qualities of a good influencer?

Look for the following:
  • Authenticity
Make sure the influencer you’re looking at is an expert who actually has authentic and valuable opinions and information to contribute back into the pool.
  • Followers
A user is not an influencer if s/he has followers in two digits. While beyond ten thousand followers and a verified account is gold, anything upwards of a thousand is also alright. Also, do check if their followers/following list is relevant, it’ll help the word about your project reach better people.
  • Engagements
While a huge follower count is great, it is the rate of engagement (shares, retweets, conversations) that makes all the difference. Great following isn’t so helpful if the content they share doesn’t spark discussions or any sort of reaction. The relevancy of content and the rate of engagement will help you further cut down your list.

How do you get their support?

Now begins the real work. They key with getting any influencer to talk about you is to make sure that they truly care about your project. Authenticity is the only way to work here. Focus on talking about your project- its originality, what problems it solves and what challenges you’re facing. Let them know how invaluable you think their support might be. Build a healthy and valuable relationship with influencers. Consider collaborations, form bonds whose benefits go way beyond amplifying your work, think of long term goals. Engage with them. Share their content. Drop your two cents on their blog posts or tweets, make interesting observations, give them good feedback, or simply spark a fun conversation! Give them inside scoop. Let them know what’s up with your project, so they have a certain level of information exclusivity. Offer more exclusivity. It’s a lot like keeping the backers happy. You can do things like host online activities with them; show them first cuts of your project, invite them to your project-related events and so on. Show gratitude. A simple heartfelt gratitude goes a long way in helping build your influencer network. But don’t hesitate to send a nice thoughtful goodie bag either! Good luck!

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