Indian Publishing Houses Helping Homegrown Comics Go Places

Posted on 16 August, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Although bursting at the seams with immense potential and a crazy level of creativity, it isn’t a smooth ride for the comic book and graphic novel space in India. But does that mean the show stops? Of course not. Thanks to these publishing houses who are helping comic creators keep their pencils running. We bring you six publishing houses that are bringing some of the coolest comics and graphic novels under the spotlight.


We’ll be honest, when we stumbled upon Blaft we had to pinch our ignorant selves. It was hard to believe the kind of unique and cutting-edge works they were helping bring to the fore! Hell, we didn’t even know such works existed in the subcontinent! Based out of Chennai, this indie publication features works from India, Pakistan and even Nigeria! You’ll also find gems translated from Urdu, Japanese, Tamil and more. Some of the most interesting works from Blaft are The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction, Stupid Guy Goes To India, Moonward, Kumari Loves a Monster, among others. Want unique and trippy comics and graphic novels? Bookmark Blaft and hand them your wallet.

Manta Ray

MantaRay is an indie publisher of comics and graphic novels based out of Bangalore. Most of you may know MantaRay through their weekly comic The Small Picture, in The Mint newspaper. They’ve also been a common fixture at Comic Cons in the country. Their most popular titles include the Mixtape series- an anthology of short comics, and Twelve- a collection of twelve books, wherein each book is a standalone story.

Holy Cow Entertainment

Holy Cow Entertainment has been responsible for the ridiculously unique visual treats like Ravanayan and Aghori. Most of their titles are deeply embedded in Indian mythology and traditional elements, but with a beautifully contemporary style. Other notable titles from Holy Cow include Shaitan (issues 1-3), Showcase (a series revolving around the characters who played crucial roles in Hindu epics of Ramayan and Mahabharat).

Level 10 Comics

Level 10 is most known for its graphic novel series Odayan- set against a backdrop of feudal Kerala and revolving around a mysterious vigilante called Odayan. Other works to watch out for include Daksh, Yumi, The Rabhas Incident, Local Monsters and more! It  also chairs Nihodo Media to work towards creating successful cross border entertainment franchises.  


Campfire is an award-winning graphic novel publisher with over 80 titles under its belt. Campfire has graphic novels under four categories- Classics, Mythology, Biographies and History. Some of their most memorable titles include Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: Reloaded, In Defence of the Realm, 400 BC: The Story of The Ten Thousand, Sita: Daughter of The Earth and Draupadi: The Fire Born Princess

What are some of your favourite titles from these publishers? Also, are there any that we missed out on? Let us know!

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