Indian Comics With Awesome Regional Flavours That You Don't Want To Miss

Posted on 3 December, 2015 by Team Wishberry

4-Indian-Comics-With-Awesome-Regional-Flavours-That-You-Don't In a country as diverse as India, how can the Indian comics space be complete without a good dash of regional flavor. It is, after all, what sets a comic apart and makes it more relatable at the same time. But what makes these comics even more special is how well rooted they are in a region’s culture.  So, in case you’re looking for some really awesome regional comics, we bring you the five you shouldn’t miss!

Angry Maushi

Angry Maushi is pretty much about what the name suggests- an aunty who is furious at the state of affairs in the country. Created by Abhijeet Kini, Maushi is a Maharashtrian woman who also happens to be trained in swordfighting and is on a mission to fight against corruption, evil politicians and businessmen. It’s funny, insightful and a delight for anyone familiar with Maharashtrian slang!

Amar Bari, Tomar Bari, Naxal Bari

Created by Sumit Kumar, this tragi-comic book highlights the Naxalbari revolt that took place in 1967. It takes you back and forth between various parts of India during various points in history. Specifically, pre-independence Hyderabad, post independence Andhra Pradesh and the forests of Dandkaranya. The book provides a unique perspective on perhaps one of the most impactful movements in India.


Created by Suhas Sundar and Deepak Sharma, Odayan is about a mysterious vigilante who goes by the same name. The book is set against a backdrop of feudal Kerala, where the protagonist takes on the all-powerful villain through subterfuge, brute force and the art of Kalaripayuttu. Impressive visuals, vivid imagery and dark storytelling come together to form a brilliant reminiscence of 16th century Kerala.


Written by Ram Iyer and illustrated by Vivek Goel and Guarav Shrivastav, Aghori was published by Holy Cow Entertainment in 2012. Aghori tells the story of an ordinary man pushed into an extraordinary life. This is a comic book that offers a peek into the intriguing life and culture of the Aghoris (Shaiva Sadhus) who devour the flesh of human corpses and live on the banks of the River Ganges. Once again, the vivid visuals bring the story to life in the most exciting ways!

Uud Bilaw Manus

Uud Bilaw Manus is created by Adhiraj Singh and Abhijeet Kini (of Angry Maushi). The comic is based on a Bhojpuri-speaking sea otter vigilante who is lovingly called UbiMa. Packed with exaggerated elements of Bollywood, some sci-fi, plenty of drama, Indian idiosyncracies and the much-amusing Bhojpuri dialogues, Uud Bilaw Manus is one hilarious treat. Know any more regional comics we should talk about? Let us know in the comments below!

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