An Indigenous Artist’s Journey To His Debut

Posted on 10 June, 2015 by Team Wishberry


Mame Khan is one of the most talented and renowned Sufi singers from the Thar desert of Rajasthan. In 2014, he did a crowdfunding campaign for his debut album- a collection of seven songs that infuse Rajasthani folk music with Sufi music. He, obviously, not only succeeded but overshot his crowdfunding target! Since then, it has been quite a whirlwind journey for Mame Khan and the Manganiyars. We catch a break to get an update.

Want to see his campaign page? Click HERE!  

So, what all has happened since the crowdfunding campaign?

Mame: Since we started the campaign in the middle of a planned tour, we were super busy playing a lot of shows. Besides that, we spent quite some time to get the design done. We actually did it by ourselves which was quite a challenge, but we are extremely happy with the result.  

Where are you right now with the album?

Mame: All is set and we have some surprises planned for our fans. Right now we are searching on the best way to release the album. Not an easy decision to take - the debate of going for an established label vs. an indie release is always on!  

What are the challenges you faced during the making of this album? How did you overcome them?

Mame: Time or the lack of it was the greatest challenge! We just planned way much less time and there was just one way to fix it: invest more! We had to invest way more time in the studio, and as time is money we also had to invest more money into the project. We learnt how important it was to plan a buffer in any budget to handle unexpected situations. 3  

How difficult is it for indigenous artists to make a mark in mainstream and an already cluttered industry?

Mame: It’s not easy to tie up with like-minded companies. We realized, money is not the most important factor in such a cooperation. As an artist you need to find a partner who protects your rights and promotes you in the right way. Besides commercial projects, it takes a lot of time, energy and maybe even luck to carve a niche for music like ours.  

Do you have any plans of tying up with a known personality for collaborations or promotions?

Mame: As of now we have no plans. We have full trust in our fans and music to make the album a success.  

What's next on your plate?

Mame: Getting finally the music out to our loyal fans and supporters & hitting the road for a small launch tour!  

What has been the highlight of your journey so far?

Mame: The overwhelming support we got from our friends. Although honestly, the real highlight will be the moment we can take the 80 envelopes to the post office to send out the rewards to ours funders. And of course, knowing that our album is released and out in the market for all to enjoy!   Curious to know how you can raise funds for your musical aspirations just like Mame Khan? Just submit your details below and we will teach you how you can crowdfund successfully! [gravityform id="13" title="false" description="false"]

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