In conversation with Tetseo Sisters who are taking Naga folk music to the world

Posted on 22 February, 2016 by Team Wishberry

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Music has been known to be a great communicator, which breaks down barriers and reaches out many souls. ‘Tetseo Sisters’ is one name that has been in the Indian music scene for years bringing authentic Naga folk music and sharing it with the world. We got in touch with this regional folk music sensation, and got chatty about their journey, art, fans and future plans.  

When did you first think of forming a band? Was it something that just fell into place, or was there vigorous planning involved? 

Tetseo Sisters: The truth is we started out as a fun one time project in school and then eventually became a band over the years so things just fell into place for us without much planning.  

Over the years, the band has performed at various music festivals in India and abroad. How has the reception been considering you sing traditional folk songs in Chokri?

Tetseo Sisters: The dialect that we sing in is roughly spoken by a few thousand people. But it has never been a deterrent for our musical journey and experiences. We ourselves listen to music in languages we don’t understand and yet we enjoy them. The whole point is that music is a language in itself and it doesn’t really need translation. The responses of fans generally have been incredibly warm and the fact that we sing in a dialect most have never heard of before, adds to the charm.

What all challenges did you face while creating your social media presence? 

Tetseo Sisters: We are learning new things every single day. It was great timing we started building connections on social media, from the time of its inception so it wasn’t a hassle. There are a couple bullies online who thrive on negativity but 99% it has been bouquets, so we just ignore the negative comments.

Your debut album "Li Chapter One: The Beginning” released in 2011. When can we expect Tetseo Sisters’ next album?

Tetseo Sisters: We know it has been a while, but all good things take time so do keep an eye out for it. Something is cooking. Tetseo-Interview

What has been the highlight of your journey so far?

Tetseo Sisters: We feel that every song and every appearance is an important step in our musical journey and are grateful for every new day and opportunity to share our music. Our music carries the name of our tribe, and our country to foreign shores which feels amazing. We do what we love, travel the world and make a living off of it which is the biggest blessing and the highlight of our journey.

As your music is so unique, we believe collaborative ventures would work wonderfully. Do you have any plans of collaborating with other musicians in mind?

Tetseo Sisters: We have collaborated with some super talented musicians already, and are working on more projects like these.  

Do share a word of advice for upcoming musicians who are planning to follow your footsteps and build a career in folk music?

Tetseo Sisters: To build a career, in music or any other field, you have to master your art, understand it and work diligently to be the best in your space. When you love what you do, it just shows and the positive energy catches on. Hiyohey! The sisters will be performing in Mumbai in the third week of March, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated.  

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