In Conversation With Siddharth Sah - Founder of India’s First 3D Printing Design Company

Posted on 30 March, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Make-Whale--3D-Printing-and-design-shop Driven to create personalized goods, Make Whale a 3D printing company is focused to enhance and make the entire act of exchanging gifts more meaningful. The company eliminates the possibility of not being able to find the gift you had in mind, while making it the only one of its kind. To get more insight into everything that Make Whale works on, we spoke to the founder of the company – Siddharth Sah.

Launching a design studio for 3D printed products; it’s such a simple yet brilliant idea. Tell us all about the nascent stages of the project.

Siddharth: The inception of Make Whale dates back to 2012 while I was first exposed to 3D printing in the States. Back then, even though everyone was fascinated by it no one was really talking about 3D printing and its application in the consumer space. Fast forward two years, I began learning all that there is to 3D printing - visited a variety of factories that are using it on an industrial scale, understood its various applications, and spent a good 6 months researching if it did have a good future. Of course I was convinced it would have a bright future and I started working with a team toying with a lot of industries and settled for running a design house. We began work with corporate gifting, weddings, experiential marketing companies, and fashion brands. MakeWhale-3

Make Whale is a very interesting name. How did you come up with it?

Siddharth: I wish there was a deep meaning behind MakeWhale :). To be honest while brainstorming on a name, we didn’t want to use the word '3D'; as our focus was consumers and not industry. We wanted to sound approachable; our philosophy is simple - let us handle the tech while you guide us with vision! We landed on Make Whale as we figured we could make a super cool logo to go with it.

What has been the most challenging part of putting this all together?

Siddharth: Like any startup, we faced multiple challenges. To begin with we didn’t have access to any research data to base our business plan as this industry is so new. In India this concept is practically non-existent so a lot of the decisions we made were a leap of faith. However, our biggest challenge was tackling the lack of awareness among the public about 3D printing. A very small percentage of people have heard about it and have learnt its applications.

Your designs look classy it cannot be plastic like most 3D printed goods. Tell us about the materials you use.

Siddharth: Good catch! We took a conscious decision to showcase a wide range of materials for prototyping. We work various materials like steel, bronze, brass, sterling silver, full colour sandstone, strong & flexible nylon, ceramic and more. We also work with basic plastic for products like guitar picks, coasters, bookmarks and keychains. MakeWhale-1

Make Whale could be a fabulous platform for designers to showcase their designs in jewellery and decor. Do you have any plans in mind for that?

Siddharth: Believe me, we would love ​nothing more than expanding into a creative den that could showcase talents of various product designers. But, the industry still is at a very nascent stage and we are forced to move slowly. A lot of exciting collaborations are on-going so that should give us a good experience of working with designers outside Make Whale. We also are simultaneously working on various ways to spread awareness of 3D printing, do follow us on our social media pages to stay updated!

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