In Conversation With A Child Prodigy Who Crowdfunded His Debut Animated Music Video

Posted on 2 September, 2015 by Team Wishberry

548d73ba5d7eeMVI_2026-1024x442 Jab Yaar Dekha, is a dreamy song which flows with melodious music and romantic lyrics that solely are meant to touch your soul. Kanishk Seth, the music producer of the album this song belongs to, plans to release an animated music video for it. After being crowdfunded a few months back, Kanishk brings us up to speed on everything - right from the crowdfunding experience to what they’re up to now. See his campaign page HERE!

What have you been up to since the crowdfunding success?

Kanishk: I have been busy with the Jab Yaar Dekha video. Animation is a lengthy process. But I'm glad the final product is shaping out very well. 10404104_762845300492071_7317849446249269074_n

What made you think of such a beautifully unique concept for the music video? 

Kanishk: I think it's the magic of the song which made all of us, my team create a dreamy story. I never expected that the concept would come out so beautifully.

What challenges did you face while working on this project?

Kanishk: Animation is time consuming and expensive. Though we had a timeline with us, we didn't foresee the project getting delayed by three whole months. But someone has rightly said, “The longer you wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when you get it. As anything worth having, is definitely worth the wait."

We see you’ve distributed the song digitally on every platform we know of, how has the response for the song been? 

Kanishk: People who have heard 'Jab Yaar Dekha' have absolutely loved it. Most of the funder’s of the songs animated music video funded the project only because they loved the song.

What has been the highlight of your journey creating this video so far?

Kanishk: I reckon the highlight of this journey would be the crowdfunding process. I learnt so much in those two months. The satisfaction which I got after raising the desired amount was inexplicable. I think every independent artiste must crowdfund once in their lifetime. One actually gets to know the strength of their work, whether or not they have true fans, and how much people want to make your work of art happen. 548d734a09b2fTrance_With_Khusrow-Final_100914-001-1024x441

What's the next cool project we can expect from you?

Kanishk: Currently, I'm only focusing on Jab Yaar Dekha's campaign. Once done with this, I certainly will find something new and cool to work one and will update via my social media pages.  Curious to know how you can raise funds for your musical aspirations just like Kanishk Seth? Just submit your details below and we will teach you how you can crowdfund successfully! [gravityform id="13" title="false" description="false"]

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