Everything A Musician Would Need To Know About Pitch Video

Posted on 12 May, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Everything-A-Musician-Would-Need-To-Know-About-Pitch-Video If you ask us for a list of things one simply can’t launch a crowdfunding campaign without, a pitch video would top that list. Now, if you’re a musician, you’ll probably counter with things along the lines of “but they know my music!” or “my fans know me, why do I need a pitch video when I can simply ask for money?” To further explain WHY a pitch video is important, we’ve made a list.

But first: What is a pitch video?

A pitch video basically is a presentation of what work you’ve been doing so far, it should:
  1. Give people a peek into your project and your work
  2. Talk about what your raising money for and why
  3. Invite people to fund you

Now, why does your music crowdfunding project need one?

The reasons are fairly simple yet extremely important.

It helps show people what you're working on

You could write a big post or an open letter about why you’re crowdfunding, but you know that’s not really going to cut it. Moreover, if you don’t have some next level writing skills that would manage to convince people to fund you, all the effort is pretty pointless. A video is your chance to actually let people into the workings of the project. Show them your journey, the challenges and your goal. It is the easiest and most effective way to bring fans visually on par with your latest work and gives your campaign a shot at being shared.

It’s easier to emotionally connect with the viewer

In line with what we mentioned earlier, not everyone is a reader, but almost everyone is a watcher. With a pitch video, you don’t have to move people to tears to loosen their pockets. You can get as crazy and interesting as you want- isn’t that the beauty of a video, after all? The creative playground is so huge, all you have to make sure of is that you make people feel enough to hand you their money.

You get to sell your idea in two minutes or less

A pitch video is the first line of engagement with potential funders when they go to your crowdfunding campaign page. This means that, if you can’t manage to sell them your idea here in the quickest time, they’re not going to go ahead and fund you. Nobody likes wasting precious seconds on lengthy videos where all you’re doing is asking for money. Here, you have to be quick with your communication, which means getting innovative.

Things to keep in mind

  • Being visually interesting is crucial. It doesn’t matter if the pie is straight from heaven’s kitchen, if it’s not plated well no one will taste it.
  • Show what you’re good at. Your video doesn’t need to be a high-end short film of sorts. But the creativity and idea should show! Create a peppy track just for the pitch, experiment around, show some backstage/studio footage. Nobody said a pitch video can’t double up as a fun little music video.
Note: All the content that goes into a pitch video should be rightfully yours to avoid copyright violations.
  • It’s common for people to get camera shy, but if you want the money you have to shed your inhibitions and get ready to go crazy.
  • Test your pitch video. Tip: Consult frenemies who’re painfully honest.
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