4 Steps To Use Email To Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted on 3 September, 2016 by Team Wishberry

The list of things you mostly definitely NEED to run a successful crowdfunding campaign has quiet a bunch of things on it. But if there’s one thing that takes one of the top spots, it’s email. Underrated, but marvelously effective, if you intend to come out of crowdfunding a winner, you need to get your email strategy in place. Here’s how.

First, extract all your contacts

Get on to your email list, your Facebook contacts and your LinkedIn network – basically everywhere that you’re active and have a good chunk of contacts. Extract all the email ids that you can and put them in a list. Next, divide these contacts on the basis of the following categories: family, friends, acquaintances and academic and professional networks.

Second, tailor your communication for each group

You wouldn’t send your best friend the same email that you’d send your ex-boss, would you? Language and tone of communication are crucial when you’re making an appeal for funds. If you want someone to take an interest in your project and then help you, but need to speak their language. Understand your relationship with the recipient and how you usually communicate with them and craft emails accordingly! And set the frequency of your emails accordingly too.

Third, make an email calendar

Obviously, it wouldn’t make sense if you wrote a bunch of amazing emails but wouldn’t know when to send them. Or worse, you send too many, too soon and end up looking like a spammer! So, simplify matters and chart out a calendar of how many emails you will send during different phases of your crowdfunding campaign, at what time of the day and so on. Once you have a calendar in place, you can actually schedule them and save precious time!

Finally, analyze the response

This is the most important step of your email campaign. Every activity you undertake, you need to go back to the drawing board and analyze what worked with your emails and what didn’t. Check how many people opened your emails and how many ended up funding your campaign. This is mandatory so you know you’re moving in the right direction, and if you’re not you have time and insight to do some course-correction. Keep an eye on the data and make sure you turn into something effective. Also remember to avoid grammatical errors at all costs! 

Do some homework on how to draft catchy subject lines that will make people open their emails and content that will compel people to fund you. Good luck!

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