How To: Get Your Film On Netflix

Posted on 8 August, 2016 by Team Wishberry


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Netflix rolled out its red carpet to India in the beginning of 2016, and within a few months it’s viewed as an angel in disguise by indie filmmakers. You ask why? Let’s face it, independent films rarely get the screen space in theatres and multiplexes.

Even if the film gets picked up for release by a distributor, the odd show timings don’t facilitate mass audiences to view the film. Platforms like Netflix provide these films the exposure to a wider audience at the convenience of one’s home.

But how does a filmmaker get their film on Netflix? Let us tell you.

Step 1: Get on the Netflix database

While most of the tasks these days happen with just a few clicks, getting into Netflix’s database isn’t as simple as dropping a mail. In fact you hardly have any control to get your independent film on their record. The platform doesn't add your film to their list unless you have enough noise surrounding it. Generate noise by using aggregator services like Distribber. While its services are not free, you keep all rights to your movie as well as 100% of the revenue it goes on to make.

Step 2: Build “Queue Demand”

Once your film’s made its way to Netflix’s database, you’ll need to create a queue of fans waiting to catch the film online. This is known as ‘queue demand’. How do you go about this? Run a social media campaign, raise an army of everyone you know to ask for your film to be on Netflix. The more people asking for your films will increase the amount you’ll receive for it when they make you an offer.

Step 3: Wait for an offer

Unlike other platforms, Netflix doesn’t pay you per view. It doesn’t make money on ad revenue either. Instead it pays you a one time fee for a license that usually lasts a year or two. This figure works in tandem with the number of people you generate for the queue, so make sure you generate enough noise. An IMDB listing, a great score on Rotten Tomatoes and good PR works in your favour.

However no one should ever put all their eggs in one basket, especially an independent filmmaker. A clever advance would be to tap all streaming services like, Hotstar, Spuul, Voot, Hooq, Hungama, and the likes out there.

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